Renovation of SOS Children's Village Almaty completed

The Saby Foundation has completed the renovation of the houses of the SOS Children's Village in Almaty.

The renovation work started in 2019. During this time, the foundation has completely reconstructed 12 cottages in the village, where orphans and children left without parental care live. The number of pupils of the institution exceeds 90 people.

In all houses, we updated the heating system, plumbing and sewage engineering networks, installed new plumbing, replaced linoleum, tiles, wallpaper, changed doors, purchased new lamps, restored windows, refreshed facades and laid paving stones around the cottages. Custom-made kitchen sets and furniture. Purchased and installed new household appliances: hobs, hoods, ovens and washing machines. In addition, first-class interior design was carried out.

The total amount of funds spent on renovation amounted to 253,264,352 tenge.

We sincerely wish all the children of the village a comfortable and happy life in bright, beautiful and cozy houses.

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