About Our Fund

The Saby Charitable Foundation is one of the first private charitable organizations in Kazakhstan. The foundation was founded by its president Aselle Tasmagambetova in 2002 to implement large-scale socially significant projects in the medical, educational, sports fields, as well as for the comprehensive development and improvement of the professional level of the non-profit sector in the country.

The main principles of the Foundation’s work are a systematic approach to charity, qualified support for beneficiaries at all stages of assistance, reporting and transparency, initiation and implementation of original social projects, constant dialogue and cooperation with partners and philanthropists, prompt response and solution of pressing problems of society.

For more than 20 years of active and continuous activity, the Foundation has developed and launched a number of its own unique programs of republican significance. The Foundation builds from scratch social facilities that have no analogues in the country, repairs and fully equips medical institutions with high-tech equipment, builds children's play complexes and playgrounds in the cities and regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, issues educational grants to the best universities in the country and the world, introduces modern developmental programs and courses , conducts serious research work in the environmental direction, supports young entrepreneurs, conducts charity events and provides targeted assistance to those in need.

The Foundation is a partner of large companies in implementing their corporate social responsibility. Saby provides financial, expert, consulting and organizational support in all areas of its activities.