The third cottage of SOS Children Village was renovated

The Saby Foundation continues the overhaul cottages renovation for pupils of Almaty SOS Children Village. Three cottages have been planned to be renovated this season but thanks to well-coordinated and efficient work, we will able to renovate the fourth cottage by the middle of November.

Thus, almost half of the renovated and furnished cottages will be ready for children to live.

You can check out the process of cottages transformation in our short video.

The second house of Almaty SOS Children Village…

The Saby Foundation continues the over-haul renovation in the family type homes of Almaty SOS Children Village. This is the second house, the renovation of which begun at the end of June, and is completely ready for the cozy and…

Building project Orkendeu
Overhaul in SOS Children’s Village

     Recently, Saby Charitable Foundation carried out the overhaul of one of the buildings of SOS Children’s Village, Almaty. Works had been started in mid-April and lasted for 2 months.    …

Building project Orkendeu
Children's Home of Kyzylorda

Time passes swiftly. And now, for 6 years, pupils of the City Children's Home of Kyzylorda have been living in a new building built for them by Saby Foundation. This house became a home for orphans, giving them comfort…

Building project Orkendeu