Saby foundation will work on the research of the Caspian seal

This year, Saby Foundation starts working in a new direction: the ecological one. First step in that direction was starting the work of the Center of the research and rehabilitation of the Caspian seal, which will research and provide different measures to save this species.

Caspian seal is the smallest kind of seals in the world; it is an endemic species of the Caspian Sea. This unique species are on the edge of extinction nowadays: during the last 100 years, the population of the Caspian seal was reduced by 90%.

The new Center is located in Aktau. There will be opened new laboratories for the researching, raising, and veterinary assistance of seals. This project is a collaboration with the Central Asian Institute for Ecological Research within the 5-years long program of CAIER “Caspian seal”.

Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Center…

Following Russia and Iran, the first and only Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Center was established in Aktau. The initiator and sponsor of the creation of the Center was Saby charitable foundation led by…

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