The Second Child Poetry Contest

The Second Child Poetry Contest The “Saby” Charity Foundation announces the beginning of The Second Child Poetry Contest in the official language of the Republic of Kazakhstan ("the Contest")

Term of the Contest
The Contest will be held from January 1, 2012 till May 1, 2012.

Open participation in the Contest
The Contest is open to young writers up to 24 years, writing in the Kazakh language. Place of residence, citizenship and nationality do not matter

Announcement of the results of the Contest will be published at web-sites of the Contest on June 1, 2012

Purpose of the Contest
1. Drawing of public attention to modern child poesy
2. Revelation of intensity, beauty, clarity and depth of the Kazakh language to public
3. Promotion of the Kazakh language as a literary and ethical basis of the Kazakh culture
4. Discovery of talented modern Kazakh-speaking poets, and introduction of their works to public, theorists of literature and publishers
5. The possibility of financial support in publishing their works in the Book of child poems, assistance in their creative development and awareness

The main winner will receive The Prize - a notebook and the possibility to get tuition fee in educational institution paid for account of the Saby Foundation after graduation from high school

Conditions of the Contest
Poetic works written in the Kazakh language of any genre, both previously published and never published, of a reasonable duration are allowed for participation in the Contest.
Poems may be on various themes.
Each participant may submit up to three of his best poems

Ethical requirements to material submitted by a participant of the Contest
It is prohibited to publish materials that:

- Contain uncontrolled vocabulary;
- Are of extremist nature;
- Affect honor and dignity of particular people;
- Are of pornographic and sexual nature;
- Cause psychological traumas to children;
- Are of nationalistic, racial or any other similar nature;
- Are of antireligious and extremist nature;
- Are of depressing nature

Participants of the Contest bear individual responsibility for violation of third parties' copyright

Application of a participant

A participant of the Contest shall send a letter by email or mail addressed to Organizers. A letter shall contain:
- An Application, which represents an absolute consent with gratuitous publication of his/her works at web-sites of the Contest or in the Book of child poems; (attached)
- Files with the works
- Participant photo

Upon receipt of a participant's letter his/her Application and works will be considered preliminarily by Organizers of the Contest, after which a participant will receive a confirmation from Organizers of the Contest if his/her works are accepted for the Contest

Executive bodies of the Contest
Organizers undertake to execute directly measures for organization and holding of the Contest.
Organizers may form jury and editorial staff of the Contest at their own discretion.

Editorial staff of the Contest may:
Carry out preliminary selection of poems for the Contest.
Editorial staff of the Contest does not take a duty to edit poems received for the Contest.
Editorial staff of the Contest is not responsible for content of poems received for the Contest.

Organizers of the Contest have a right to:
Publish at Organizers' web-site selected works of each author, for which purpose authors shall give their written consent in the Application.
Use materials of the Contest in the working activity of Organizers

The results of the Contest will be:
- Announcement of the winner of the Contest;
- Awarding the Prize - a notebook to the winner;
- Publication of work of the winner on web-sites of Organizers;
- Coverage of the results of the Contest.

Organizers of the Contest reserve a right to make additional incentives to outstanding works at all stages of the Contest

To benefactors:
We accept help from any individual or legal entity with the aim to expand the prize fund of the Contest and enhance the sphere of the Contest.

Official web-sites of Organizers:,
Postal address: 250, Dostyk, City of Almaty, index 050020
E-mail addresses for filing of applications and sending works:,
All necessary information can be obtained by phone: +7 (727) 311 29 38


1. Name

2. Date of birth

3. Contact phone number where we can contact you

4. Your real e-mail address

5. What city or populated area and what country do you live in?

6. What educational institutions did or do you study in?

7. What contests, competitions and events have you participated in?

8. What awards and for what have you received?

9. Specify your additional information within 10 sentences (biography, hobbies)

10. Point out how we can contact you if you do not have a phone or e-mail address (e-mail)

11. How did you hear about the competition?

12. I have read the terms and conditions of the contest. I consent to the publication of royalty-free basis my works in websites of Charity Foundation “Saby”

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