Invataxi services remain without cars

Our partners, friends and long-term subscribers know about one of the significant projects of the Saby Foundation - Invataxi. The project was developed by the foundation in 2008. As part of it, Saby purchased 62 specialized Volkswagen vehicles equipped with hydraulic lifting devices for the quick and safe descent and ascent of wheelchair users. These cars were donated to disabled societies in 20 cities of Kazakhstan, where more than 40,000 people with special needs could use them free of charge.

In 2014, Saby completed this project. Tripartite agreements have been signed with the social welfare departments, providing for their commitment to further funding invataxi services.

“Despite the enormous financial and labor costs, one must be realistic and understand that it is impossible to solve the problem of transporting all the disabled in the country with the help of one private foundation. Yes, we did not set such a goal. We launched the project, tested it in action, showed its effectiveness. And then we hoped that the state would support him. After all, it is necessary to increase and update the fleet of vehicles, equip it, expand the list of transport services,” - Aselle Tasmagambetova noted back in 2012. Solving a problem of such a large-scale nature is the prerogative of the state.

The other day, our foundation received footage of the deplorable state of the car in one of the city's invataxi services. It is very hard for us to see what once completely new, fully equipped car from the salon has turned into. But, alas, it is necessary to recognize that such a problem exists. And not just in one city.

For our part, we have repeatedly raised the issue of further financing and maintenance of cars donated by the foundation. But, unfortunately, no one invests in the repair and renewal of the fleet. And machines that have been in daily use for 15 years now wear out and fail.

It is sad to realize that such a large-scale social project aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities was left without attention and support from government agencies.

We invite the Departments of Employment and Social Programs in all cities where Invataxi services are open to return not only to the issue of car maintenance and repair, but also to think about updating and expanding car fleets. It is necessary to develop effective support mechanisms, otherwise, very soon people with disabilities will be left without specialized machines.

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