Cooperation with BYB graduates

We always claim that assistance of Saby Foundation to the finalists of the Build Your Business contest is not limited to grants. We continuously interact with the contestants. Many of them obtain further support from the Foundation, like placing orders, rent compensation, display lighting, and joint activities in widely differing areas.

A striking example of such cooperation is provided by the project implemented by one of the winners of the BYB 2017-2018, Eldos Bayalyshbayev, for construction of a hostel for people with disabilities in Taldykorgan.

Thus, in addition to the first place in the contest and the grant in the amount of 50,000.00 dollars awarded to a young entrepreneur, he received support in the form of construction company services equivalent to 30,000,000.00 tenge, the cost of which will be covered by our Foundation.

Construction operations commenced in October, and further implementation of the project now depends only on the commitment of Eldos himself. In case of successful performance, the finished facility may be commissioned as early as 2019.


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