Saby “Opens” Kazakhstan

Saby “Opens” Kazakhstan From February 13 to February 17, 2012 the Nomad's Way socio-cultural campaign took place in New York, an ideological inspirer, organizer and sponsor of which was the President of the Saby Foundation Aselle Tasmagambetova. Nine months of hard work of the whole team were required to prepare for the event to the maximum extent possible and to carry it out at the highest level. The result was not long in coming – the Nomad's Way was called a "grand event" and "discovery of Kazakhstan" by foreign mass media.

The event was timed to the anniversary date of our Republic – the 20th anniversary of Independence. It was intended to present to the world a rich historical heritage and cultural identity of Kazakhstan and it included an exhibition of ornamental arts of the ancient craftsmen of the Kazakh zergers and the charity auction.

An exhibition of artifacts from the unique private collection of Imangali Tasmagambetov, which currently occupies a worthy place in the State Museum of Kazakhstan, became a real discovery for the American audience, scarcely acquainted with the culture of Kazakhstan. The art of the ancestors of the Kazakh people has a long history and reached its highest level. A special place is occupied by the jewelry, which has been created mainly for the decoration of women's suit and has amazed by its creative ideas and polysyllabic technology. Each master’s work is unique not only because of its historical value, but also due to its deep symbolism: every detail, every trait of the creation carries a certain value.

Inspired by these antique masterpieces, the world-famous jewelry houses of Europe and America – Avakian, de Grisogono, Jacob & Co, Chopard, Chatila, have made especially for the Saby Foundation the unique adornments created in accordance with the best traditions of Kazakh people. The unrivaled masters of the current jeweler's art have made unparalleled products, using in their works features of old specimens, archaeological evidences, ancient petroglyphs, interweaving inexplicably the wealth of historical heritage of the great nation and recognizable personal mastery of contemporary artists.

These adornments were presented as lots at a charity auction, beneficiary of which became the Alem Young Talents Support Program, which now takes a significant place in the activities of the Saby Foundation and is aimed at talented and promising young people from provinces of Kazakhstan, for the purpose of creation of economic and organizational prerequisites for their intellectual and creative development, life formation and social self-fulfillment.
Unquestioning success of the event confirmed again the correctness of the chosen activities of our Foundation.


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