How the Saby Foundation organizes its work

What is a systematic approach in the work of the Saby Foundation? Let's talk about one example.

In 2017, within the framework of the "Construction Project" in the Nauryzbai district of Almaty, the Foundation built and donated to the city a school-gymnasium No.174 for 1200 students. The estimated cost of the facility was 1 billion 830 million tenge.

The next step was the launch of the project “School-gymnasium No.174. Coaching”, which includes the implementation of programs aimed at developing the educational system of the institution. We organized vocational testing for high school students, preparation of graduates for admission to universities, programming training, advanced mathematics courses and much more.

In November last year, Saby opened a robotics room in this school, equipping it with modern furniture and innovative devices. The cost of the project amounted to 10.6 million tenge.

Today, a master class on robotics was organized here for teachers.

This lesson was conducted by the finalists of the "Build Your Business 2021" contest - the QBit team, which in November received a gratuitous grant of $ 15,000 from the Foundation.

A gift for schoolchildren from the Saby Foundation was 5 additional construction sets.

We also purchased them from QBit, thereby supporting the business of young entrepreneurs with a commercial order.

Such an integrated approach allows us to delve deeply into problems and implement projects in various social areas.

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