Tablets for schoolchildren

The coronavirus pandemic has affected, without exaggeration, all areas of our lives. Changes have also taken place in the country's educational system. On September 1, a new academic year begins for all schoolchildren, the first quarter of which will be held remotely.

But not all families can afford to provide their children with the necessary equipment for remote learning. In particular, 65 children from low-income families of the Nauryzbay region of Almaty, studying in the primary grades of school-gymnasium No. 174, faced this problem.

Our Foundation decided to support the guys and purchased and donated 65 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablets for free use. A large diagonal screen, a durable metal case and high performance of the gadget will allow students to effectively and comfortably master the school course without leaving home.

In addition, for high school students, we donated 300 comics "KazakhMan" from BultComics in Kazakh, Russian and English. This is a new Kazakh comic strip that tells the story of an aspiring superhero, Batyr, who has powerful strength and saves the lives of ordinary people. We hope that the fascinating story will please the children and will dilute the intensive educational process.

We wish all schoolchildren successful studies and excellent grades!

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