Robotics room for gymnasium school No. 174

In the school-gymnasium №174, built by the Saby Foundation, in the Nauryzbay region of Almaty, a robotics room has been opened. All expenses for organizing the cabinet were covered by the Foundation. The project cost was 10.6 million tenge.

The Saby Foundation President Aselle Tasmagambetova addressed the teachers and students of the school:

« Dear colleagues and guests! Today I am glad to welcome you and participate in the grand opening of the robotics classroom of the Gymnasium №174.

As you know, this school was opened 4 years ago, and the construction itself lasted two years. At that time, watching the construction, I dreamed that someday in this school children would receive advanced knowledge, and it would become one of the best in the city.

To realize this dream, I am still striving to improve the school, the quality of its education.

We organized exam preparation classes and mathematics courses for schoolchildren in prior years. Last year, during the pandemic, we made a present of tablets to 65 students.

And this year we have implemented a very complex project. Considering that there is no robotics classroom in this school, we have completely renovated one room, purchased interactive equipment, new laptops, 3D printers, 3D scanner and even all the furniture.

To broaden the horizons of students, it is necessary to organize additional extracurricular activities. Especially in our rapidly developing world, I believe that robotics contributes to the comprehensive development of the child.

I believe that our students, having mastered robotics perfectly, will deepen their knowledge in the field of programming and electronics. I am sure that our future graduates will be the best, and the level of the school will only grow».

School-gymnasium №174 was built by the Saby Foundation and commissioned in 2017. This is the only example in the country when an object of this scale (12,000 square meters, 1200 students, 3 hectares of territory) was built at the expense of private funds and donated to the city absolutely free of charge.

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