Continuing search for Alem programme participants

Less than two weeks passed after a representative of the “Saby” Foundation went to a creative business trip to East-Kazakhstan region to develop the “Alem” programme to support young talents, "Alem", as one more opportunity appeared to organize a meeting with talented children in Aktobe region.
This time the trip included acquaintance with children from several schools of the region: City of Shalkar, district centers Oiyl and Kobda, and Aktobe as well. The interviews with the children proved to be quite effective, and the number of Alem participants will possibly increase. Management of education institutions welcomed the “Saby” Foundation with open arms, but with some confusion, as benefactors from Almaty do not often visit such remote villages. However, briefings resulted in making interesting proposals for mutual cooperation that would be considered by management of the Foundation because the “Alem” programme must grow and develop for the benefit of worthy representatives of the younger generation.
We remind you that if you have unique natural abilities, you have an opportunity to join the “Alem” programme and obtain a grant to support your talent by filling out an application form at:

According to a tradition, during the trip we visited the Society for Paralyzed People Protection in Aktobe sponsored by the Foundation under the project “Decent Life for Persons with Disabilities” in order to study in details the works of the organization and monitor activities of the Invataxi service.

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Alem program for support of young talents
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Alem program for support of young talents
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Alem program for support of young talents