Robotics Center for Uralsk

In 2021, the Saby Foundation launched a project to organize Robotics Centers in the regions of Kazakhstan, within the framework of which a major overhaul and equipping of modern robotics classrooms in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is being carried out with innovative equipment.

The following offices are currently open:

- at gymnasium school No. 174 in Almaty in October 2021;

- in secondary school No. 7 in Petropavlovsk in May 2022;

- on the basis of the Palace of Creativity for Children and Youth in Semey in September 2022.

The fourth object of our project was Uralsk, on the basis of the Palace of Schoolchildren of which the Foundation opened a new Robotics Center for all schoolchildren of the city.

The Foundation carried out a complete reconstruction of the former computer class: with wear-resistant linoleum coating, window restoration, wall design, installation of new doors, modernization of power supply and lighting systems.

The classroom is equipped with the most modern interactive technology, educational kits "Internet of Things", Lego, "Amperka", "Matryoshka", 3D printer, sensors, robots, constructors and other innovative equipment for schoolchildren from 1 to 11 grades were purchased. Installed new ergonomic furniture.

The total repair area is 100 sq. m. The cost of the project amounted to 28 million tenge.

In addition to repair and equipment, a training master class in the discipline "Robotics" was held especially for the teachers of the Center using new equipment.

The offices opened by the Foundation work free of charge with free access. This allows all children, including those from socially vulnerable categories, to attend classes on a regular basis.

In addition, classes in robotics classes allow you to form a team to participate in the republican olympiads, and this is a great opportunity to prove yourself and enter the best universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

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