New robotics classroom for Children's Day

In 2021, the Saby Foundation launched a project to organize Robotics Centers in the regions of Kazakhstan, within the framework of which a major overhaul and equipping of modern robotics classrooms in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan with innovative equipment is carried out.

Today the following Centers are open:

- at school-gymnasium No. 174 in Almaty in October 2021;

- at secondary school No. 7 in Petropavlovsk in May 2022;

- on the basis of the Palace of Creativity for Children and Youth in Semey in September 2022;

- on the basis of the Schoolchildren's Palace in Uralsk in February 2023.

This year, on Children’s Day, we are launching the fifth Center on the basis of the specialized school-lyceum for gifted children “Zerde” in Astana.

The office here, like all previous ones, is equipped with the most modern interactive technology, educational sets “Internet of Things”, Lego, “Amperka”, “Matryoshka”, a set for FTC competitions, a 3D printer, sensors, robots, construction sets and other innovative equipment for schoolchildren from 7 to 11 grades. New ergonomic furniture has been installed.

The total area of ​​the office is 85 square meters. m. The cost of the project was 19 million tenge.

In addition, a training master class in the discipline “Robotics” using new equipment will be held especially for school teachers.

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