Children's hospice big support

Today, the official transfer of an emergency medical car and medical equipment for the Palliative Care Center for Children's Population called "I'm with you" took place. 

The crowdfunding action for the support of the children's hospice through our Foundation was supported by influencers Beibit Alibekov, Alisher Yelikbayev and businessmen Maxim Sarsenov, Ruslan Idrissov and Yerkin Dlimbetov.

The funds raised as part of the action were transfered to purchase a fully equipped mobile medical laboratory based on the Hyundai H350 car, as well as additional equipment - artificial lung ventilation apparatus, inhalation device, automated blood cell counter, portable ultrasonic imaging system.

Moreover, thanks to Astana Motors, which made us a significant discount on the car, it was possible to finance another important project of the Palliative Care Center called "Baby, I'm with you." The goal of the project is to help young mothers of immature infants and newborns with various pathologies. Especially for them, the institution buys and packs kits with articles of daily necessity: clothes, diapers, baby food, toys, personal care products, medicines and much more besides for the first 6 months after the birth of the child.

110 sets for 5,500,000 KZT will become a real support for women in difficult life situations, with social problems and lack of minimum funds for the maternity hospital discharge, the child support and care in the first months of his/her life.

Thus, the total amount of support provided to the children's hospice amounted to 47,457,544 KZT.

We thank heartily everyone who took part in the charitable fees and donated own money.  Thank you for your personal involvement!



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