More than 1,000 residents of Kulsary who suffered during the floods were helped by the Saby Foundation

The Saby Charitable Foundation, organized in 2002 by Kazakh entrepreneur Kenes Rakishev and ecologist Aselle Tasmagambetova, transferred 2.2 billion tenge to residents of Kulsary and Zhylyoi district of Atyrau region affected by floods.

The funds were used for the construction, purchase and renovation of housing, the purchase of building materials, household appliances and furniture, as well as reimbursement of other expenses caused by natural disasters.

The assistance program was developed by the Saby Foundation together with the Akimat of the Zhylyoi District of the Atyrau Region and the Atyrau Corporate Foundation. To date, assistance has been provided to more than 1,000 residents.

“We express our sincere support to all Kazakhstanis facing a natural disaster. Thanks to the well-organized work of akimats, public funds and the personal control of the Head of State, hundreds of affected families in different regions of Kazakhstan have already received the keys to new housing. I come from the village Makhambet of the Atyrau region, and I hope that our help for the benefit of our native land will allow us to restore the infrastructure damaged during the floods even faster, and our compatriots will soon celebrate housewarming in comfortable homes,” hopes Aselle Tasmagambetova, ecologist, president of the Saby Charitable Foundation".

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