Are You Still In Doubt? Write Us!

Are You Still In Doubt? Write Us! Recently the Alem Program celebrated its 2-year birthday since its launch. On the one hand, the period is very small for the large-scale project covered the whole country, on the other hand we can already see some intermediate results.

For the past period over 300 requests from 35 localities of the country have been sent to Saby Charitable Foundation. Employees of our organization thoroughly examine every resume making primary selection. Further destiny of the participants is at the mercy of the respected committee consisting of unconditional professionals and experts in different fields of science, culture, art, sport and other fields. We do not divide talents into necessary and not very necessary, every gifted child will obtain an expert’s evaluation and our Foundation’s support which he/she deserves.

The first letter was sent to in July, 2010 by Zhasulan Sydykov from Kostanai and, being the first, he received the most serious preferences. We made a lot of efforts for his development and, without mock modesty we can declare our joint results: the Alem Program participant has become a beginning star of the Kazakhstan show business and acquired a lot of young fans.

Berik Tlepbergenov from Atyrau region, having been shot in the promotional video of the Alem Program broadcasted by the national TV-channels won the respect of peers and love of all girls without exception, having become an example for young people who are still unconfident in their talents.

Batyrzhan Tazabekov’s talent is highly appreciated by professionals. He gives great hopes and is predicted to have an interesting creative future. Even now Batyrzhan with the assistance of Saby Charitable Foundation appears at concerts, takes part in different TV-programs and song contests.

Elena Lushnikova is a future doctor. Since her childhood, dreaming to be engaged in medicine, she followed her heart and currently studies at the Astana Medical University. Elena is in good standing and one of the best students. She proves with her studies and active life position that young professionals were, are and will be a hope of our country.

Other children who received our assistance at different times also gladden us with their results and achievements demonstrating that the chosen policy of the project is right.

On these summer days, a rush period for enrollees, the selection of Alem participants for 2012-2013 academic year is being held. 10 grant receivers have been chosen already. And this is just the beginning. The program works, it is being developed and is extending. We are waiting for new applicants. Visit us, write us, share your talent with the world and we will support you without fail!

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