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Recently these words were the sacred dream of young graduates of secondary schools. With a sinking heart young girls and boys waited for the results of their tests and insistently believed in miracles…

 “Alem” United Us And for good reason! Heavenly thoughts and steadfast faith is the guarantee of bright future. We are from the category of people who always aim to reach goals. One of the goals is to enter the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi. Saby Charitable Foundation assisted us with this question due to its “Alem” Young Talents Support Program. The foundation believed in our dream, in the chosen profession, for which we sincerely appreciate.

Only several years ago young graduates, who did not suspect about their existence, today are the best friends, who support each other in time of need, because we are the “Alem” participants.
Yesterday we were the pride of a modest school in distant localities and now we are among the best students of the largest university of our country. Yesterday we were nestlers and now we are ready to work for good of our country every day. It takes a few time and we will become professionals, we will not save our strength with this view!

 “Alem” United Us On any events of the university among active participants you can always see the students of the Faculty of Journalism – Karlyga, Zhuldyz, Danagul and talented poetess Akzharkyn, who studies in the Faculty of Economy, but always is notable for her improvisation and artistic character. Often future philologist and young writer Zhandarbek, who successfully takes part in different competitions and readings, joins these students.

Each of us is the patriot of the independent country and we are always ready to justify expectations of our parents and, of course, the expectations of “Alem” program.

Finally we would like to express our gratitude once again in the poetical form:
Балғын бала армандарым әдемі,
Арайлы атқан аппақ нұрдың таңы еді...
Сол тәп-тәтті қиялыма жетектеп,
Табыстырған, таныстырған «Әлемім».

Достық деген - мына өмірдің мәні еді,
Дос пейілім жүрегімде бар еді...
Әр қиырдан келген мына біздерді,
Таныстырған, табыстырған «Әлемім».

Біздің мақсат бәйтеректей мәуелі,
Талабымыз бұлт жарысқан тау еді.
Болашақтың кілтін ашып біздерге,
Табыстырған, таныстырған «Әлемім»

Students of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi Faculty of Journalism
2 year students: Karlyga Temirgali, Zhuldyz Abil
1 year student: Danagul Bereket
Faculty of Business and Economy
2 year student: Akzharkyn Mutiyeva
Faculty of Philology and World Languages
1 year student: Zhandarbek Zhumagulov

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