Alem Participants: There Are Ones To Be Proud Of

We continue to introduce to readers our Alem participants who have achieved impressive results in their fields despite their young age.

Alem Participants: There Are Ones To Be Proud Of We would like to introduce to you a beginning but we are sure that a very perspective producer, about whom the world cinematography will talk in future. Medet Shayakhmetov, a second-year student of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov, is like a ‘one-man band’ inspiring all around with his energy and optimism. He proves the proverb about the fact that ‘a gifted person is good at everything’. Medet is a diploma winner of inexhaustible quantity of city, republican and international vocal competitions; he goes in for skateboard and beatbox, he is the author of many designer works in the style of graffito, he makes motion graphic art, earns money making promo videos and video clips. But the young man dedicated his life to the profession of cross-cutting filmmaking, the education by which is paid by Saby Charitable Foundation currently, and, telling in confidence, the Foundation considers a question about the continuation of his education abroad.

Alem Participants: There Are Ones To Be Proud Of Also we would like to tell you about the young poetess Karlyga Temirgali, a new participant of the Alem Program. We got acquainted or better to say ‘found’ this girl in a distant village of Atyrau region during the business trip of our employee which was arranged in order to find new talents in the depth of the country. The verses of the young poetess have been already publishing in the local newspapers and not once sounded in lyrical programs of the national radio. But Karlyga should be developed and get a quality education in order that her teachers’ experience and long trainings will help her to make her skill perfect. The education at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in the faculty of journalism is the possibility for creative development and professional formation. Our foundation finances this education thus giving support to the student and accepting her as an Alem participant.

Alem Participants: There Are Ones To Be Proud Of And the last one is Timur Aldybergenov. Many of you have already acquainted with his lyrical baritone by his appearances on the great concerts broadcasting on television, the opportunity of participation in which was afforded by Saby Charitable Foundation. Also Timur as a part of MEZZO band reached the final and became the second finalist in the singing TV show ‘X-factor’. Natural charm and a great voice of the vocalist fascinate almost all. The young man studied classical singing at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov on account of our sponsor support. Recently we have learned that Timur dreams about cinema. No sooner said than done: Akhan Satayev, an honorary expert of the Alem Program and famous Kazakhstan movie director invited him to a movie test. Dreams come true!

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