Targeted assistance to children

We would like to share the news on targeted assistance provided by the Foundation. Thanks to small but regularly received donations from caring people, several needy families received support from Saby.

Four of them bring up children with cerebral palsy. These are four-year-old Dinmukhammed from Almaty and five-year-old Ansar from Astana, for whom the Foundation paid for several rehabilitation courses, which included reflexology sessions, exercise therapy, therapeutic massage and exercises on simulators for the development of motor skills.

As well as six-year-old Malika from Astana and eight-year-old Aldiyar from Ust-Kamenogorsk, who needed modern and comfortable wheelchairs. We purchased for the children maneuverable wheelchairs of the Umbrella and Junior Plus brands for comfortable and safe movement.

Another of our beneficiaries was three-year-old Aibolat from Almaty, who suffers from mental retardation and general underdevelopment of speech. The kid took a course of intensive training at the Center for Development and Correction, the cost of which was covered by the Foundation.

We wish the children good health and express our deep gratitude to everyone who makes donations to our Foundation. May your kindness and generosity be rewarded many times over. Thank you!



Targeted assistance to children

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Targeted assistance
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Targeted assistance
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Targeted assistance