Additional Scholarship: New Opportunities

Additional Scholarship: New Opportunities Traditionally we tell you about children, participants of the Alem Program for Support of Young Talents. Recently we have had a new person – Berik Tlepbergenov, a 1-year student of the Kazakh National Technical University named after K. Satpayev.

The young man was solicited for by the teaching stuff of the school where he studied and which he finished with honors. This school in the Atyrau region was visited by our colleague during an errand. Berik was praised for being highly motivated, literate and patriotic. Being a winner of numerous academic competitions, he won a government scholarship for study in one of Institutions of Higher Education of Almaty at a perspective technical specialty chosen by him. The young man is highly evaluated also by the fact that his teachers sent him some means to support his life in a big city. His mother, unfortunately, is not able to maintain her son because of her poor health.

Taking into account all pros and cons, the Foundation has adopted a decision to support the young man by accepting him to the “alemovtsy” team and granting him an academic scholarship for the whole period of education. Now when the period of lack of money has been left behind, Berik has to study zealously as there are new opportunities available for him in the largest city of the country, meanwhile Saby Foundation will be his reliable support!

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Alem program for support of young talents
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Alem program for support of young talents
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Alem program for support of young talents