COVID-19 Testing Launched

Saby Foundation is pleased to inform that the rapid tests and test systems for
detection of Coronavirus infectious disease
(COVID-19), purchased as part of our charitable
action together with Kazakhstani companies and individuals, arrived in Almaty, have been
cleared through customs and validation and are ready for use in the laboratories of Olymp
Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory. As of today, free testing of the citizens on epidemiological
indications starts.

It is important to understand that first of all the examination will be undergone by the
emergency medical service providers, the medical personnel of outpatient clinics and inpatient
departments where the patients with suspected coronavirus infection are applied to and admitted.
The testing will be also performed for the patients from the risk groups: people with chronic
diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and elderly people. In addition, the rapid
test is indicated for those who had symptoms of acute respiratory disease (influenza) or
pneumonia from February to March 2020.

To organize the testing, there is a website with a special questionnaire, where the patients
need to enter their data. After that, the epidemiologists of the Ministry of Health will sample the
patients indicated for the test in the first place, and invite them to undergo testing.

For all questions, please contact Olymp CDL laboratories.

For our part, we once again would like to express our gratitude to all our friends and
sponsors who took part in the action
and transferred the funds to purchase the tests. Your support
is invaluable!

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