What the Children’s Home Lives By

What the Children’s Home Lives By Time flies imperceptibly. This is the second year the inmates of Kyzyl-Orda Children’s Home have lived in a new place, built for them by Saby Foundation. This house has become home for orphans by giving them comfortable atmosphere and warmth in the true sense of the word and razing from the children’s memory dank and grey rooms of the old building.

We have been watching with pleasure how the children’s life was arranged and now is taking place within the walls of the new building. In addition we were particularly concerned about the issue of creating for children an appropriate recreation area in the open air. Initially, in the developmental stage of the construction project, we have devoted much attention to the issue of planting area, since all children’s institutions are to be separated as possible from adjacent territories and streets through the creation of shelterbelts. There was one serious nuance – the local severe climate and salty soils don’t make good germination capacity.

However appropriately selected species of plants, proper planting and care did their job – children run around on the lush grass, enjoy life-giving water of a fountain and rejoice at bright flowers’ colors. And for supper a cook prepares for them tasty dishes from fresh vegetables harvested in own beds.

May this oasis around the Children’s Home expand and probably in time it will become a green pearl of the city at which people will come to have a look.

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