Once again about the Infant Orphanage in Kyzylorda, or Children deserve to have the best


Back in 2012, the Saby Foundation built and put into operation the building of the Infant Orphanage for 60 places for orphans and little children left without parental care, aged from birth to 4 years in the city of Kyzylorda. At that time, and up to now, this building remains unique in its architecture, design and equipment, quite atypical for a social facility. This is a true home for children, warm and cozy, filled with everything necessary for their healthy growth and development. 

The improvement of the territory of the facility was also performed by our Foundation. We landscaped the site, established spacious pavilions for rest and to hide from the hot sun and a children's playground, corresponding to the age of the kids.

Over the years, Saby Foundation continues actively to be engaged with Infant Orphanage. We have repeatedly conducted staff training on the Montessori system, updated equipment in it for the effective operation of the center we created.

This year we decided to expand and updated the existing playground in accordance with modern requirements. We have installed a large play structures for children with disabilities, purchased a nest swings that are beloved by all children and also purchased ball game stand. Besides, the playground is decorated with a bright safety rubber coating, there are also new sidewalks and borders have appeared along the perimeter of the playground.

We would like to add to the above: already in the first year after moving to the new the Infant Orphanage, built by the Saby Foundation, children seemed to come to life, like flowers that were watered, they began to rejoice at what was happening around. For the first time, many infants with deep disabilities began to smile, speak, and some even began to walk. The percentage of their adoption has increased many times! We just changed the previously gloomy world around them for a warm and colorful one).


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