Doctors from district hospitals of Kazakhstan received innovative portable ultrasound systems

The Saby Foundation has become a partner of Philips Foundation international non-profit organization. As a result of this cooperation, medical institutions of Almaty and Zhetysu regions of Kazakhstan received 18 mobile ultrasound systems, and 30 doctors were trained to work with innovative equipment.

The Philips Foundation is an international charitable organization that has been promoting the implementation of high-tech medical solutions to improve access to quality healthcare in remote and hard-to-reach areas around the world since 2014. This year, the company launched a charity project that will help provide medical institutions of Almaty and Zhetysu regions with sets of mobile ultrasound systems to provide timely aid to residents of small towns. Portable sets will help doctors conduct prompt ultrasound assessment of patients in critical situations, that is, immediately at the scene of an incident, right there and then – where it is necessary for the doctor and the patient.

"We are glad that the Philips Foundation has chosen our foundation among numerous Kazakhstani NGOs. This is an indicator of great trust and high professional status of our organization. Saby supported such an important project that fully resonates with the goals of the Foundation's "Medical Program" to equip Kazakhstani hospitals with innovative equipment. We purchased 18 tablets for ultrasonic sensors, and also took care of the customs clearance procedure and costs. With the help of portable ultrasound systems, doctors of Almaty and Zhetysu regions will be able to perform accurate visualization for confident and prompt diagnosis of patients. And timely diagnosis is the key to effective treatment," emphasizes Aselle Tasmagambetova, the President of the Saby Foundation.

The portable ultrasound system operates based on a mobile application and is a set of compact sensors connected to a tablet or smartphone. The high degree of equipment mobility allows performing prompt ultrasound assessment of the patient's condition at the prehospital phase, in outpatient settings, in medical and obstetric centers and in the hospital.

On October 9, a charity project was launched, within the framework of which the foundations transferred equipment to medical institutions of Almaty and Zhetysu regions. As part of the charity project, doctors completed a training course on the use of high-tech medical equipment, after which they will use it in their clinical practice to provide aid to patients with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the abdominal organs, lungs, to conduct obstetric-gynecologic examinations, for working with "severe" patients in the operating room and in the intensive care unit. For three days, thirty clinicians (intensivists, cardiologists, general practitioners, neurologists, obstetricians, gynecologists and surgeons) from seven medical institutions of Almaty and Zhetysu regions studied and trained according to a specially developed clinical and practical program.


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