The State Will Support “Invataxi”

The “Decent Life for Disabled People” Project was developed by Saby Foundation in 2008. Within its framework our Foundation purchased cars, equipped with especially hydraulic lifting mechanisms for quick and safe lifting and descending of wheelchair persons. These cars were donated to the Societies of Disabled People of Kazakhstan cities, which rendered free transport services for people with disabilities.

To the present day 62 specialized Invataxi cars of Volkswagen mark were purchased, which were distributed in 20 cities of the country. The expenses of Saby Foundation on the Project constituted more than 400 million tenge. Notwithstanding the colossal financial and labour expenses, it is impossible to satisfy the requirements of all Kazakhstan people who have problems with transportation by the efforts of one private Foundation. Saby Foundation does not make it aim. The resolution of the problem of such scale character is the prerogative of the state. The main task of the Foundation is to show to authorities of all cities that to organize specialized Invataxi transportation services is possible and that they can work successfully rendering services for target group of people, with problems of which they are acquainted not by hearsay.

Such fundamental work of the Foundation, which simplified lives of thousand people in wheelchairs, was not invisible. On the initiative of the President of Saby Foundation Assel Tasmagambetova, the meeting with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection was taken place in 2012, in the result of which the “Descent Life for Disabled People” Project was supported on the state level.

Then the advancing work started within the whole year. The Minister held the meeting with the leaders of public associations of disabled people of all regions in the country, the working group of development of unified organization rules, financing and rendering of “Invataxi” social services was created. In the result of numerous meetings, conferences and round tables were put forward the concrete proposals about not only the improvement of access to objects and services for disabled people, but the cooperation penetration of state authorities with non-governmental bodies.

The expected result of the executed work became Order No 859 of the Minister of Transport and Communications dated November 01, 2013, which affirms the Rules of Service Rendering by Automobile Transport (reference for downloading [attachment=9]). Recently the document was published in the Republican newspaper “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda”, which means that it became valid.

Consequently Saby Foundation finishes its long-term activity on the “Decent Life for Disabled People” Project and confides it to the reliable state.

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