The Arrival of Long-Awaited Vehicles

The Arrival of Long-Awaited Vehicles Saby Charitable Foundation is hurrying to cheer you with a pleasant news: the Volkswagen purpose-built vehicles have arrived for the Almaty’s societies of disabled persons: Transporter minibus for Eldani Foundation, two Caddy passenger cars for Almaty City Society of Disabled Persons (ACSDP) and Crafter bus for Association of Disabled Children Parents (ADCP).

For Eldani and ADCP these vehicles were necessary more than air. The rehabilitation centers are in operation at these organizations, which assist the children and youth with difficulties in mental and physical development. Here the psychological recovery and adaptation measures are held with children, and previously many of them had to get here by public transport. And now they will be delivered and carried by the special motor vehicle designed to transport the disable people.

In ACSDP two vehicles will be used for the completion of the Invataksi fleet. And two Caddy vehicles are next in turn, which have been already purchased by our Foundation and will be delivered within 5 months, therefore the capabilities of the passenger service increase significantly.

Saby Foundation sincerely thanks all philanthropists for their contribution to the development of the project “A Decent Life for Disabled People” which made the life of particular people a bit easier.

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Decent life for disable people
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