Tasty Help By ‘O!Cafe’ Restaurant

Tasty Help By ‘O!Cafe’ Restaurant Notwithstanding the continuing economic instability many domestic companies, realizing their social responsibility, engage in different kinds of philanthropy.

Young businessmen show the highest activity suggesting their ideas in favor of charity. The perfect example is the active and creative team of ‘O!Cafe’ Restaurant, the restaurant of healthy organic food. Guests of the restaurant from the large assortment of healthy tasty dishes can enjoy fresh biscuits baked on the recipes of clients, who attended the restaurant earlier and inspired with the idea of a healthy life.

But the main idea is to transfer all proceeds from sale of this unique product to the current account of Saby Foundation with the aim of realization of social projects on support of orphan children, children left without parental care, children from social vulnerable groups and disabled people of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All volunteers can take part in this charitable act and by means of one package of biscuits by ‘О!Cafe’ make their own contribution for the improvement of people’ lives, who need it especially.

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