Specialists will help children in choosing their professions

Specialists will help children in choosing their professions
The beginning of a school year represents continuation of the Educational Project of the “Saby” Foundation and, as a consequence, a traditional annual occupational testing of future graduates of sponsored orphanages.

Young boys and girls will pass computer testing on the base of Almaty branch of the professional orientation department of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov. Based on the results of answers children may determine what profession will be the most interesting and useful for them in the future.

In the course of lessons conducted with pupils and graduates a specially developed programme is used in the Center. Results obtained in the process of diagnostics are represented in the form of diagrams, graphics and detailed text interpretations for all test indicators.

For this school year the “Saby” Foundation has planned two stages of professional testing: in the next few days experienced specialists are going to help children in choosing a general direction in a profession, and in February 2011 it is planned to determine a profile class, higher or secondary special educational institution.

Thus, by spring 2011 children will probably have known what professions as well as what institutes and colleges will be suitable for them best of all, and they will also be able to understand the world of existing professions and know well themselves and their individual psychological qualities.

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