Samal Water & Saby Foundation's a charity event

Samal Water, domestic brand of drinking water  jointly with the Saby Foundation launches a charity campaign to raise funds for the construction of Emergency Pediatric Surgery in the city of Aktau. From the sale of each bottle of water in the glass and children's water, Samal brand will transfer five tenge in favor of the Foundation.

The charity event started on March 01 and will last until September 01, 2021. The Fund-Raising Report will be published on the website of the Saby Foundation and the Samal brand.

The participation in the charity event will allow each Kazakhstani citizen to make the contribution for implementation of the unprecedented republican project of Saby Foundation for the construction of departments of the Emergency Pediatric Surgery in regions of Kazakhstan. Today it is one of the most significant and recognizable charitable projects in the country.

Artem Taranov, Director of the Plant on production of Samal water: "Any can become the participant of the Emergency Pediatric Surgery project. Buying water, you make the contribution to change the life quality of children in regions of the country. Having united, we can make life of our children better".

The President and founder of Saby Foundation Aselle Tasmagambetova: "We seek to make the  charity available. For everyone who wishes to participate in a big business but doubts sufficiency of a contribution which can allocate from the budget. Actually both 500 tenge, and 50, and even five tenge are important, let gradually, but together we collect the serious sums which really change life to the best. Charity shouldn't be something special, it is normal need of each person – to help owing to the opportunities. For our country, the way to effective conscious charity only begins, and accession to it of the corporate sector, such large players as Samal Water is the trend showing that social responsibility for all becomes a norm".

The Emergency Pediatric Surgery project was launched by the Saby Foundation in 2018 in order to improve the quality of medical services. The first surgical unit was opened by the Foundation in the city of Almaty in May 2019. The second one on the basis of the university hospital was opened in the city of Semey in January 2020. The total amount spent on two facilities amounted to 422 000 000 tenge. Open operating rooms are equipped with all necessary, state-of-the-art and high-tech equipment and provide timely and high-quality treatment, significantly increasing the availability of professional surgical care.

We are currently working on organizing the Department of Emergency Pediatric Surgery in the city of Aktau. In line, the construction of surgery in the city of Petropavlovsk. Totally, the project plans to cover at least five regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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