Saby Charitable Foundation 2010

The end of the year is a traditional time for summing up the results we’ve achieved – the time to analyze the work we’ve done, to evaluate both our successful and failed projects.
On the threshold of New Year holidays the “Saby” Charitable Foundation is now making the detailed analysis of its annual activities. And we have done a lot this year: we have continued working on the Projects being preliminary accepted and approved including the new programs we have developed and started implementing this year.

The Project "Decent Life for Disabled Persons”

The project "Decent Life for Disabled Persons” is one of the most important Projects being arranged by our Foundation. We started the Project in 2008 and continued its implementation during this year – that allowed thousands of disabled people living all over the Republic to feel free in their movement.
In 2010 17 specially equipped “invataxi” vehicles were acquired and delivered to Associations of Disabled Persons existing in seven cities of Kazakhstan. Another six vehicles are currently re-equipped at the Manufacturing Works in Germany, and thereafter they will be also distributed among Associations of Disabled Persons. Thus, the total number of vehicles under the Project is 41 units, and in 12 regions people are already using them.

Successful implementation of the Project has allowed this year to conduct, using our specially equipped vehicles, a large-scale 2-month-campaign for organizing tourist trips for disabled persons. Here in Almaty we have outlined the “invataxi” routes to take the disabled people around the city to show them (perhaps for the first time in their life) places of interest, monuments and architectural buildings. .

Also, in order to exchange experience, the “Saby” Charitable Foundation has arranged financing the visit of the Chairman of the Union of Disabled Persons’ Organizations of Kazakhstan to Japan, where he learned the principles of social work of their Public Associations.

Educational Project

Education project, being of special importance for "Saby", was updated this year with new sub-stages: mainly for successful adaptation process of all graduates from the sponsored children's social institutions, for these purposes we have arranged a 7 - month trainings in the field of psychological correction of a personality by a highly-professional clinical psychologist, including a 6-year training course for passing the Unified National Testing at the Municipal Tutorial Center. Total we have 70 children under the Project.

Also we have continued our traditional two-stage computer-based specialized testing for the purpose to determine the children’s abilities to one or another profession. This year we had more than 100 students so tested.
Besides, 36 graduates of the 8th orphan homes and boarding schools of 4 regions of Kazakhstan have got financial support for payment of education in vocational and higher educational institutions.

Sports Project

The Sports Project under which the “Saby” Charitable Foundation is engaged in building sports and playgrounds in the Children's Social Institutions, was completed with additional three objects this year.
A large playground was presented by Saby to the patients of “Shymbulak” Children's Tuberculosis Sanatorium: now those kids, being treated for many months, have a possibility to improve their health outdoors using slides, swings, carousels, horizontal bars and rings.

The same playground was presented to junior-foster children of boarding school in Kaskelen, and the older children of this institution received a multi-sports ground for playing football, volleyball, basketball; and in winter children may skate, do figure-skating and play hockey.

It should be noted that our Foundation is not only engaged in Building Projects, we really care about the future of sports facilities we built and their proper use within the Project. For this purpose we have organized classes for foster children with highly qualified coaches inside these facilities. To the date, unfortunately, only the children of the two orphan homes - Almaty Orphan Home No. 2 and the Regional Orphan Home No. 1 - have a possibility to have classes with professionals. Later, when we have positive results we will continue this Project within other institutions.

Medical Project

Medical Project initiated by the Foundation is also under its great progress.
"Saby" continued its patronage over the neuro - stroke unit INSO-2 of the Almaty Clinical Hospital No 7. In addition to 12 nurses who took a computer literacy course last year we have another 7 ones. Thus, 19 medical technicians also improved their professional skills thanks to the efforts of the Foundation.

In addition, we have acquired special foam material used in manufacturing of mattress for preventing pressures sores for stroke patients.
The most important event this year was installation of the equipment and facilities on the basis of INSO-2 class for training stroke patients - the only one here in Almaty and in Kazakhstan, the undeniable importance of which was appreciated both by the Leaders of the Almaty Health Department and their colleagues from the CIS countries.

Another Medical Object of the Foundation was the Baby House in Karakastek village, Almaty Oblast. Therapeutic equipment for physiotherapist's office was purchased for small foster children.

Although the targeted assistance is not the main activity of our Foundation, but every year we have to face with urgent cases, when it is impossible not to give your helping hand to a person being in trouble. In this situation we mean a pretty young girl Olga by name with the “generalized form of myasthenia”. The given disease is a rare one and is not yet treated here in Kazakhstan, and the “Saby” Charitable Foundation provided Olga with a charity support in the form of financing of her surgery and rehabilitation period there in the Medical Institute in Moscow.

Our Talents - "Alem" program for support of young talents

The project "Our talents" has undergone a qualitative change in this year. We have seriously approached the problem of talented children not being in demand, who, with proper care, have quite good prospects and can reach these heights in their respective talent fields. Having realized this, we have undertaken important mission - to support those who really need help.

For this purpose, we developed "Alem" program for support of young talents, under which any child or young person can post its resume on a specially created Web - portal Each request is accepted and carefully considered. Abilities and skills of the applicant are evaluated by the best specialists in their field. Summary of the highly skilled professionals allows finding a really talented people for whom we do our best to develop their best qualities and put to the right direction to the future. After all professional support of young people today is one of the ways to make a tangible contribution to our common tomorrow!

Despite the fact that the project is only 3 months, the first results have been already reached: far away on the north of Kazakhstan, we found a very talented young man Zhasulan by name who has a unique voice, and we organized him a trip to Almaty. According to the results of audition and a summary of the experts of the Program, the young man received a grant from "Saby" to study in the Kazakh National Conservatory. But there is more to come: on New Year's Eve Zhasulan will attend the Ball of Akim of Astana, where on the big stage of the capital he will demonstrate his talent across the country.

Moving further in searching more talented children the “Saby” Charitable Foundation has announced the poetic contest of the children's poesy in the Kazakh language; the main award will be a free publication of wide circulation of the collection of the best poems.

Building Activity

Work on the construction and reconstruction of social objects was proceeeded with renovation of dining complex in the Kazakh school – boarding-school after Nusipbaeva, where a hall for meal and a room for narrow celebrations decorated with art paintings, turned into a fairyland of Little Prince.
Also, in order to repair the kindergarten and dining complex in the specialized complex "Januya", funds have been allocated for the purchase of necessary materials.

But undoubtedly, the most significant event this year was the decision to build a new modern building for children's home in Kyzylorda. Currently, 60 baby-orphans of this institution are living in an old damaged frame-reed building. Severe climatic conditions, zone of ecological disaster of the Aral Sea, constant shortage of drinking water and as a result - a low level of life and health of local people, especially children, encourages our Foundation to pay special attention to this region. To date, schematic design of structures has been already prepared, detailed design and construction documents are next in turn. Commencement of construction works is scheduled for March next year.

“Save the Children’s Life” SМS-action

This year the “Saby” Charitable Foundation continued its cooperation with the Mercy Volunteer Society including Beeline, K-Mobile, and K-Cell in arrangement of the “Save the Children’s Life” SМS-action, that began four years ago. During that time we have received numerous contributions from Kazakhstani people totaled to more than 1.5 million US dollars, as a result we had about 300 Kazakhstani children from all regions of the Republic who have been successfully operated outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Good deeds

In addition to the substantive work within the approved projects, a lot of good deeds have been done, though not as extensive, but no less important and necessary.
"Saby" is not indifferent to the great misfortune that befell the inhabitants of the Kyzylagash village, Almaty Oblast. We have not only made a monetary contribution to the Fund of affected by the flood, but promptly recorded an appeal for assistance to all citizens of Kazakhstan and launched video in rotation with all national radio stations.

We have not neglected Nikita who has a profound disability due to cerebral palsy, and being many years under the patronage of the Foundation. As always, he and his grandmother received a supply of food for several months and small amount of money for necessary expenses.

Karakasteksk Baby House received from the Foundation both a USA-manufactured industrial washing machine and an industrial meat grinder. Also, friends of "Saby" had transferred 800,000 KZT on the account of the institution to purchase the furniture necessary for kids.

We helped Children's Public Library named after Begalin with the publication of a catalogue of photographs of young readers from all over Kazakhstan on the theme "Me and the book - in the lens" in an edition of 600 copies. Also, Almaty children who attend the library received a present in the form of national costumes, which will be very useful in their theater productions.

Almaty Orphan Home No.2 was presented with a large carved gazebo-pavilion, where kids can spend summer evenings.
The Foundation gave many gifts: sportswear for boys and girls, handbags, briefcases, toys for foster children of Orphan Home No.1 on the Thanksgiving Day.

Young patients of Shymbulak Children's Tuberculosis Sanatorium received a lot of gifts for New Year: traditional bags of candy and wonderful set of winter accessories (hats, scarves, gloves).

Our Awards

It is gratifying that the multidirectional activities of the "Saby" Foundation were valued at the awards received this year: the annual award "Asyl Alma"of Almaty Akimat nominated "For Contribution to the Fight Against Social Diseases" under the project "Decent Life for Disabled Persons", the annual public award "ZhanShuak" of "Kazakhstan Confederation of Disabled Persons” nominated for "Accessible Transport" for the development of "Invataxi" service in all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as a particularly important and significant award of Akim of the capital for civic responsibility in the support of the most vulnerable strata of society. These awards are an indicator of the correctness of the corporate policy of our organization and selected areas of work.

Thus, all funds received by the “Saby” Foundation" in the form of the sponsor support from charity providers were spent as intended in accordance with the concept and the Charter of the Foundation. Details about the events you can read in the news archive at, also in Kazakh and English.

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