Saby Charitable Foundation, 2014 year

For the ‘Saby’ Charitable Foundation 2014 became the year of intermediate summation, current projects restructuring and new borders finding.

The projects were restructured and improved owing to the changes of general atmosphere in the country and to the improvements in social and economic spheres. Our country is on the turn and we do our best to be in step with the times to be flexible and mobile within our activity. For example in 2002 the ‘Saby’ Charitable Foundation resolved urgent problems of orphanages, boarding schools and medical institutions: bought clothes, toiletries, medicines, even food - everything to provide more or less adequate conditions for children’s life and curing. ‘Saby’ foundation provided repairs in orphanages, equipped surgery and recovery blocks in hospitals and provided training for the doctors.

Nowadays the state makes large investments to develop medicine, education and social sector. Medical institutions are equipped with up-to-date equipment; the irregularities in necessary medicines supply are the rare occurrence. The foster children live in adequate conditions, they are well-dressed and well-fed.

Such previously neglected things like spirituality, education and culture of upbringing step forward. Thus the activities of the charity organizations shall be directed to other frame. That’s why this year the ‘Saby’ Charitable Foundation focused on the ‘Alem’ Young Talents Support Program as well as on Educational Project which provide an opportunity for gifted children from Kazakhstan, for orphan children and children relating to vulnerable groups of society to obtain educational grants under the definite terms to study in secondary specialized colleges and in universities.

‘Orkendeu’ Building Project is still the most significant one in the activity of our Foundation but it overgrew the level of repairs of orphanages and hospitals, and now in scope of this project we resolve fundamental issues. For orphan children we build absolutely new houses to live in. These houses are comfortable, cozy, equipped with all things necessary for harmonious and healthy development. In Kyzyl-Orda city we have built a new house for 60 persons, in Astana city we are building a family type village for children for 140 persons and in Aktobe city we conduct negotiations with local authorities on building the dormitories for orphan children and specific boarding schools leavers.

Someday these children will leave children’s social institutions and they face to serious problem of accommodation. It’s really difficult for them to resolve this problem themselves. Our pilot Project ‘Youth’ intended to help goal-oriented boys and girls who are ready to compete for the right to buy own flat on favorable conditions. Our Foundation is still implementing this Project.

Also ‘Saby’ goes on working on Sports Project. As sport trainings contribute not only in muscles strength for teenagers, but also teach discipline and interest for self-improvement and outdoor playing for little children always contributes to good mood that is the guarantee of strong physical and mental health as well as the trigger for infant development. The Foundation goes on constructing sport sites and tot-lot areas in social institutions of the country.

The Project ‘Good Living Standards for Handicapped People’ in its initially developed form approached to its logical end because the goals stated by the ‘Saby’ Foundation are achieved. We handed this Project under the responsibility of the state for its further implementation and development on republican level. The Ministry of Social Safety developed and brought into effect the Rules on rendering the services of handicapped people transfer by automobile transport.

Below we present the annual report on the activity of the ‘Saby’ Charitable Foundation for 2014 year which describes every Project. In the New Year Eve we traditionally publish this document on the web-site and any person can become acquainted with the activities of our organization.


‘Alem’ Young Talents Support Program

The interest of Kazakhstan youths relating to the ‘Alem’ Young Talents Support Program is increasingly growing. More and more applications come from potential grant receivers who find out the information about the Program owing to the web-site, the thematic ads in school printed publications, news-sheets, which are distributed by the employees of the Foundation during business trips to the remotes parts of the country as well as owing to the children who have already become a member of ‘Alem’ Program. The main children’s aspiration is to obtain educational grant. Selection for the ’Alem’ Program is really serious so the opportunity to get education in the best domestic and abroad universities is available just for the best ones.
Annual poetry competition in national language which is implemented by the ‘Saby’ Foundation in the scope of the ‘Alem’ Program is very popular. And publication of the Album of the best poems selected during such creative competition usually becomes real literary event as the album exemplars are sent to hundreds libraries in the entire Republic.

In 2014 year –
- January-June – the fourth poetry competition in the national language and according to its results the winner is Gylymkhanov Marlen residing in western region of Kazakhstan the first prize is laptop;
- June – Ablaykhan Akhazhanov became the happy receiver of educational grant to study in California University UCLA, Los-Angeles city, occupation ‘Electronic Engineering’;
- August – selection on a competition basis to become a member of the free of charge educational group for advanced math’s. We selected 10 members, who will be the students of the courses for advanced math’s within 5 years;
- August – new version of the web-site for the ‘Alem’ Young Talents Support Program is started up;
- September – We financed the figure skating competition ‘Juniors Grand Prix’ in Ostrava city, the Czech Republic, for Panikhin Arthur;
- Three persons have got the educational grants to study in the best universities of Kazakhstan for 2014-2015 years.

The project is in force within 4 years, it spreads on more than 50 cities and villages of Kazakhstan, 650 applications have been worked out, 37 grants have been given and 3 of them are abroad grants. Totally the Foundation supported 99 persons. The budget of the Project amounted 38, 000, 000 tenge.

The conclusive results of the Project for all the time of its implementation you may find here.


Educational Project

Educational Project is one of the first and essential Projects of the ‘Saby’ Foundation. It’s at most evaluated and adopted for orphan children needs. Within 12 years ‘Saby’ has been participating in life of the children from sponsored orphanages and boarding schools at all stages of their development. Within the studying year we arrange for these children the mindset trainings on personality correction and for this purpose we engage skilled psychologists; twice a year we arrange for them computer tests on career guidance and then after occupation has been chosen the children are attending tutorials all the year round in order to become ready to pass UNT, and when they has entered the educational institutions the Foundation gives them educational grants. Moreover the training courses are arranged also for the staff of the boarding schools in order to increase their qualification level in the work with special children.

In 2014 year –
- February, October – 88 foster children from sponsored children’s social institutions participated in the next stages of annual tests on career guidance;
- October – 8-monthes training aimed to prepare the leavers from sponsored orphanages of Almaty city and region to pass UNT are renewed;
- While the Educational Project is in effect more than 50 orphan children and children without parental care have been studied and have obtained occupations;
- Now 18 foster children from orphanages and boarding schools attend secondary specialized colleges and universities due to the educational grants of the ‘Saby’ Foundation.

The project is in force within 12 years, it spreads on more than 10 children’s social institutions from 5 regions of Kazakhstan, the total number of foster children is 1400. The budget of the Project amounted 42, 000, 000 tenge.

The conclusive results of the Project for all the time of its implementation you may find here.


‘Orkendeu’ Building Project

Since 2002 in scope of the ‘Orkendeu’ Building Project, the ‘Saby’ Foundation is at work upon the improvement of living conditions in children’s social institutions in order to achieve this aim it provides the repairs, reconstructions and rooms equipping. Since 2010 the Foundation has been building new and modern houses and buildings, including all building stages from design and architecture development to the complete rooms equipping and provision of surrounding territory amenities in order to provide for the foster children the conditions at most close to the family atmosphere.

In 2014 year -
In January in the scope of the Project ‘Orkendeu’ implementation of the Project on the building of the family type village for the orphan children and the children without parental care was started in Astana city. It’s considered that this village will become a home for 100-140 foster children; till the present moment the borders are marked on the perimeter of the allocated site, topographical and geological surveys are performed as well as all necessary documents on site are obtained in governmental bodies all the technical specifications from the relative service suppliers and architectural planning assignments are obtained, detailed design of children’s village is developed and approved by Urban Council of Astana city;
- December – the negotiations with Aktobe city local administration are initiated; the negotiation issue is the building of the social dormitory for the orphan children, leavers of special boarding schools.

The project is in force during 11 years, it spreads on 6 social institutions in 3 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 7 objects are built and repaired. The budget of the Project amounted 282, 000, 000 tenge.

The conclusive results of the Project for all the time of its implementation you may find here.


The Project ‘Sport – Health – Achievements’

The Project ‘Sport – Health – Achievements’, which started in 2002 is a special one in the Foundation’s activity. To implement this Program the ‘Saby’ Foundation developed the plan on the building of up-to-date, technically equipped sport complexes for teenagers, on constructing the tot lots for the children, as well as the plan on repair and reconstruction of existing sport sites in orphanages and boarding schools of the Republic.
Till the present moment
- Amount of built sport sites – 16
- Amount of repaired gyms – 2
- Amount of constructed tot lots – 11
- Amount of equipped fitness rooms – 1.

In 2014 year –
- July – Adaptation and support center for leavers of social institutions in Almaty city ‘Zhastar uyi’ (Youth House) provided equipping of the fitness room.

The project is in force during 12 years. 30 sport sites in 20 social institutions in 10 cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for 3000 children are built. The budget of the Project amounted 175, 500, 000 tenge.

The conclusive results of the Project for all the time of its implementation you may find here.


The Project ‘Youthood’

The Project ‘Youthood’ is in force since 2011. It’s intended to resolve one of the most essential problem of orphanage leavers, in the process of their integration in society, who are the full orphans – accommodation problem.
Now the Project has the status ‘Pilot’. 8 boys and girls from Municipal Institution ‘Zhastar uyi’ Center of Adaptation and Support of Leavers of Social Institutions and have got unique opportunity to buy own flat through the system of housing savings owing to the initial contribution amounted 50% of the cost of a one room flat in Almaty city, which were transferred by the ‘Saby’ Foundation to the accounts of all these boys and girls.
The Project participants are making savings in ‘Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan’ JSC (Housing Savings-Bank of Kazakhstan) during 3 years in order to get then the keys of personal flats.

In 2014 year –
- 3 participants of the Project ‘Youth’ by participating in buyers and tenants pool have become the owners of the flats in Almaty city.

The total amount of beneficiaries in the Project – 8 persons. The budget of the Project amounted 26,500, 000 tenge.

The conclusive results of the Project for all the time of its implementation you may find here.


SMS event ‘Present life for children’

SMS event ‘Present life for children’ is mutual Project of the Mercy Volunteer Society ‘DOM’ and the ‘Saby’ Foundation on Foundations rising to finance surgeries and curing in international hospitals for the children suffering from diseases which are impossible to be treated in Kazakhstan. The Project is in effect within 7 years.
Any user of Beeline and Kcell mobile services desiring to help can transfer 280 tenge from hisher telephone account, just having sent SMS with the text 1 to the number 8099. All money is accumulated on specially opened bank account, its cleaning out is impossible under the terms of the event. Transferring money from this account is possible just on a cashless basis and directly to medical institutions, which executed contracts on Kazakhstan children curing.
By the end of 2014 the sum of received Foundations and the sum of paid surgeries under the event ‘Present life for children’ amounted approximately 9,000,000 $ USD. Owing to the efforts of many people and organizations, more than 1000 children from different cities and regions of our Republic have got the help. And the help is still provided, saving the lives of our young aged compatriots.


Foundations rising

We sincerely give thanks to all, who, in any manner, take part in activity of our Foundation. We appreciate your help and support. We are ready to give the report for any received money cause we spend them just on the intended purposes of social projects according to the budget approved in advance.
In order to make charity payment to the Foundation, you need just to stop near any payment terminal ‘QIWI’ and transfer money to the account; for this purpose you need select menu option ‘Other services’, then to push button ‘Charity’, to select the Foundation “Saby’ and to contribute. Even a tenge is important for us.

About other means to render the help as well as the details of all events, you can find on our web-sites,, , which are available in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

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