Saby Charitable Foundation 2011

The year 2011 is special and significant for the “Saby” Charitable Foundation, which has celebrated 9-year anniversary of its activity and has come to the end of a decade. This period has been marked by strenuous and effective work under previously approved permanent projects and new projects and programmes developed in this year.

The end of the year is a traditional period for summing up; therefore, on the threshold of New Year’s holidays we would like to analyze our annual activities.

“Youth” Project

The “Youth” Project was developed by the “Saby” Foundation in 2011. This was a pilot project launched for the purpose of solving problems related to integration of graduates of orphanages into society. A possibility of rendering assistance to young people – orphans in solving a difficult problem of purchasing their own apartments on preferential terms is considered within the framework of the Project. At that, the following condition is essential: this is not a trivial scheme “a benefactor gives and a beneficiary receives”, but a long-lasting and hard work on the part of a recipient. The system makes guys think, work hard during many years forming a stable habit of a sensible and responsible approach to life formation. Applicants for getting apartments may be only full orphans at the age of more than 23 years old, who have got education and permanent job.

6 graduates of orphanages have been selected out of foster children of the Almaty Youth Home for participation in the Project for the year 2011. Trilateral contracts have been entered into with such guys for housing construction savings, under which the “Saby” Foundation has transferred to Zhilstroisberbank of Kazakhstan a contribution in the amount of 50% of the cost of 1-roomed flat in Almaty in favour of each participant. Further savings will be made by the guys.
The final results of the Project for the whole period of its implementation can be found here.

“Alem” Programme aimed at support of young talents

The “Alem” Programme aimed at support of young talents developed in 2010 has continued its growth and development. Under the Programme any child or a young man can place his/her curriculum vitae at a specially created Internet-portal Each application is accepted and considered thoroughly. Abilities and skills of an applicant are evaluated by the best specialists in a particular sphere. Professional opinions allow finding really talented people, for whom we do our best in order to develop their skills and chose a correct direction in their lives. Indeed, current support of young generation is one of opportunities to make a significant contribution to our common future!

During the whole period of the Programme the committee processed more than 170 applications from applicants from more than 25 populated areas of our country; organized trips of the Foundation’s employees to 17 populated areas with the aim to inform young people about the “Alem” Programme; organized 8 creative trial hearings of children held by professionals in the area of vocal. Grants were given to 7 children, 4 of which received an opportunity to study in higher educational institutions at the cost of the “Saby” Foundation. A 2-week personal exhibition was organized for a young talented artist in the Central Exhibition Hall of Almaty city; another participant of the “Alem” Programme received a laptop for his success in the applied art; a young poet, a winner of the Children’s Poetic Contest declared by the “Saby” Foundation under the “Alem” Programme, won a main prize – a notebook.

Besides, a project – Contest of Scenarios – was implemented jointly with Timur Bekmambetov’s company “Bazelevs” under the Programme in order to find and select talented scenario writers from all regions of Kazakhstan. Approximately 650 letters and 132 applications were received and processed as a result of which 10 semifinalists were selected. A festival held in July 2011 defined a winner of the contest, who received the prize in the amount of 10,000 US dollars and a unique possibility to shoot a film under the own scenario together with Timur Bekmambetov.

Special attention has been paid to young chess players from the children's club “Saby-Chess”, which has been recently opened under the Almaty Union of Chess Players. The “Saby” Foundation has equipped the club with sports facilities, necessary equipment and furniture: chess tables, chairs, figures and clocks meeting all FIDE requirements. A special room for fans has also been equipped. The first children-youth qualification tournament was held in November in the club.
The final results of the Project for the whole period of its implementation can be found here.

The Project “Decent Life to Disabled Persons”

The Project “Decent Life to Disabled Persons” has taken one of the basic positions in activity of our Foundation. The Project was started in 2008, and over the last 3 years it has spread throughout the country and become source of pride of our country. The project has allowed thousands of disabled persons from all regions of the country to feel freedom of movement using specialized vehicles specially equipped with hydraulic lifters designed for wheelchairs. Using these vehicles disabled persons do not need to transfer from wheelchairs as they usually do when using unaccommodated transport vehicles.

In 2011 the fleet of invataxi cars was replenished with 11 cars, and 4 cars will arrive to Almaty at the beginning of next year after their re-equipment in Germany. These cars are intended for associations of disabled persons of seven cities. Thus, the total number of cars purchased under the project is 50 units for operation in 16 regions of Kazakhstan.

The “Invataxi” services, the aim of which is to render free transport services to disabled persons using our cars, have received assistance from the Foundation. In particular, this year dispatching offices of 14 organizations have been equipped with computers in order to increase the level of servicing and simplify formation of monthly reports on operation of special transport vehicles.

The next stage of the project development has become equipment of Invataxi cars with special mobile lifters designed for ensuring of free movement of wheelchairs on stairs. At the present time, it is very difficult to lower and lift people using wheelchairs and living above the ground floor. With the receipt of mobile lifters the problem will disappear, which will allow increasing the level of servicing disabled persons and reducing time spent on each trip. As the Foundation receives money from benefactors, special lifters will be procured for all “Invataxi” services. At the present time, 10 sets of equipment have been acquired for 9 cities.
The final results of the Project for the whole period of its implementation can be found here.

Educational Project

The Educational Project of the “Saby” Foundation was started in 2004 and, certainly, has special importance for us as one of the very first and fulfilled up to the last detail.
This educational year, we have continued the 7-months psychological trainings launched in 2010 with children from three Almaty orphanages within the limits of the Educational Project. The aim of these trainings on psychological correction of personality is successful adaptation of graduates into independent life. Seminars have been conducted by a highly professional practicing psychologist, and 68 children have taken part therein.

Senior pupils from our sponsored children's social institutions have continued their lessons under the 6-months preparation for the Unified National Test in the city tutorial center. Such lessons, as the practice shows, are very effective and ensure large percentage of entrance the educational institutions under state grants.

Traditional two-stage computer testing on vocational-oriented education on the basis of the Almaty branch of the vocational-oriented education department of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov organized by our Foundation this year have been passed by 107 children from 3 orphanages of Almaty.

And the most important thing, educational grants of the “Saby” Foundation for payment of education in higher and secondary educational institutions have been received by 33 graduates from 8 orphanages and boarding schools of 4 regions of Kazakhstan, and 6 persons, who had entered the universities earlier, have received specialist degrees this year.
The final results of the Project for the whole period of its implementation can be found here.

“Sport – Health - Achievements” Projects

Activity of our Foundation under the Project “Sport – Health – Achievements”, within the limits of which sports and playgrounds are built in children's social institutions, has become especially fruitful this year. The quantity of the sports objects donated to orphanages, schools and boarding schools has increased this year by five and has reached 22.

A playground consisting of a big game complex, swings and 12-seats tables and benches has been built for the Petropavlovsk correctional boarding school No 2.

A similar ground designed for small pupils and equipped with sports facilities has been presented to children of the Hope House of Almaty city.

Another similar object, including horizontal bars, a tennis table, various sports equipment with stairs, a basketball ring and other elements, has been presented to pupils of Danamysh Physics-Mathematics School of Almaty.

Certainly, a special source of pride is multipurpose grounds erected by our Foundation. The area of such grounds is 450 square meters; they are fenced by a 4-meter protective grid. The grounds are intended for mini-football, basketball and volleyball and covered with special material for making a skating rink during winter time. This year such a ground has been built in the “Umit” Orphanage in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Children from the Almaty Youth House have received a professional football field, the size of which is 800 square meters, with a special safe “artificial grass” cover and planimetric floodlight.
The final results of the Project for the whole period of its implementation can be found here.

Medical Project

The “Saby” Foundation has also continued work on its “Medical Project” that contemplates provision of medical institutions with equipment and medicines, creation of suitable conditions for patients who receive treatment in medical institutions, as well as rendering assistance to patients in case of emergency. The work performed is enormous: capital repair of rooms and game rooms, full equipment of operating rooms and medical-diagnostic blocks. The project covers 14 institutions of the country.

Expecting the New Year, the Mangystau regional infectious diseases hospital has received a gift from Foundation – an artificial respirating unit Hamilton-C2 (Switzerland) that will be used in the intensive care department. Although the hospital’s inquiry specified that the artificial respirating unit was required for small patients, we have taken into account a specific character of the establishment and the fact that adults and children from the whole region receive treatment there. In this connection, the Foundation has made a decision to acquire equipment as an expanded complete set, which will allow doctors to use it for patients of any age. It should be noted specifically that the unit can be used for newborns, whose weight is from 500 g. Use of Hamilton-C2 should contribute to reduction in children's and infant’s death rate as a result of acute enteric infection and acute respiratory viral infection when rendering emergency medical aid

Special attention has been paid also to our sponsored boy Nikita, who has physical disability as a result of ICP and who has being under patronage of the Foundation over many years. As always, Nikita and its grandmother have received a stock of products for several months and a small amount of money for necessary expenses.
The final results of the Project for the whole period of its implementation can be found here.

“Zhana Uya” Construction Project

Works under the project of construction of a new modern building for Kyzylorda Children's Home carried out by the “Saby” Foundation are continuing. At the present time 60 babies-orphans of this institution are living in an old frame reed-fiber structure. Heavy climatic conditions, a zone of ecological disaster of the Aral Sea, constant deficiency of potable water and, as consequence, a low standard of living and health of local population, especially children, induce our Foundation to pay special attention to this region.

At the present time our experts execute numerous coordination and examinations of design and estimate documentation with various state instances – it is a complex of permissive actions necessary for construction of an object and laying of external communications thereto.
Funds collected for the project implementation are accumulated on the account and distributed to the performance of construction works as well as to internal equipment and development of an external infrastructure.
The final results of the Project for the whole period of its implementation can be found here.

SMS – Project “Save Children’s Life”

The joint project of the “Saby” Foundation and the “HOME” Foundation - SMS-Auction “Save Children’s Life” was started in 2007. Under the project each person can send an SMS to a short phone number 8099 and transfer a small payment to a special account accumulating funds that are spent on medical treatment of small citizens of our country in foreign medical institutions, whose diseases cannot be treated in our country.
At the end of 2011 the amount of risen funds and paid surgical operations under the Action “Save Children’s Life” was almost 2,150,000 US dollars. Due to efforts of many people and organizations, the help was rendered to 342 children from different cities and areas of our Republic.
The final results of the Project for the whole period of its implementation can be found here.

Our awards

Charitable activities of the “Saby” Foundation were appreciated by the society in 2011.
The Energy Sammit 2011 organized by the European Business Assembly and held in London at the beginning of March has become an outstanding event for us. During the annual International Socratic Ceremony being an integral part of the Sammit the President of the “Saby” Charitable Foundation Mrs. Assel Imangaliyevna Tasmagambetova was given the Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal – an exclusive English award for honour, dignity and bravery. The Medal has been put on a special place in the Foundation’s treasury.

By the 25th anniversary of the accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station a commemorative medal of the Union of Veterans of Chernobyl and Local Wars was given to the President of the “Saby” Foundation A.I. Tasmagambetova. It is two-fold honourable to be recognized by such people and heroes for the work in the area of charity.
These awards evidence that the “Saby” Foundation headed by the competent and talented President carries out its activity in a proper direction.
Information on all our awards can be found here.

Fund raising

Many sympathetic people, when viewing telecasts or reading articles in newspapers about dispossessed and seriously ill patients, especially children, have a sincere impulse to help them and participate in their destiny. But shortage of time does not allow them to reach a bank or to go to an editorial office to pass a charitable help to distressed people. So, good intentions remain non-realized.
However, in 2011 the “Saby” Foundation together with a Kazakhstan company engaged in servicing payment terminals launched an available social service, due to which each citizen of our country can transfer his/her help quickly and effectively to children-orphans, patients and disabled persons.
In order to make a charitable contribution you can use any QIWI terminal and transfer money to an account, for which purpose you should select “Other services”, then push a “Charity” button, choose a foundation and make a contribution. Each tenge is very important for us!
Information on other methods of assistance is available on the initial page of our web-site.

All funds received by the “Saby” Foundation from benefactors in the form of sponsors’ assistance are spent transparently, in strict compliance with a designated purpose and in accordance with the concept and the Charter of the Foundation. Detailed information on events is available at also in Kazakh and English.

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