Saby Charitable Foundation 2009

Despite a difficult economic situation and negative prognosis in the financial sphere, both in the world and in Kazakhstan, during the accounting year the Non- Commercial Organization “Saby Charitable Foundation” did not reduced but considerably increased the scope of its activity.
The work was performed in various directions within the framework of approved projects.

“Sport – Health – Achievements” Project

This project holds a most unique position in activities of the Foundation, and its purpose is to provide children from orphanages and boarding-schools with an opportunity to engage in sports activities in full because sport improves physical health and strengthens fortitude, self-discipline, and drives to achievement of set tasks. For the purpose of implementation of the programme, the Saby Foundation has developed a plan for construction of modern, technically equipped sports complexes for teenagers, various functional playgrounds for small children, as well as repair and reconstruction of existing sports facilities located in orphanages of Kazakhstan.

One of such objects, in particular, a gym hall of the Regional Orphanage No 1 (Baganashil), which was an old unexploited premise, has been reconstructed completely. Nowadays it is an excellent, high and light hall with special rubber covering and marking equipped with sports facilities and inventory for sport games.
On the analogy of the project, a capital repair has been performed in a gym hall of the boarding-school No 1 for orphan children of Kyzylorda city.
This year the Foundation has continued construction of a number of sports complexes in children’s social institutions. Thus, a multifunctional playground designed for volleyball, mini-football and court tennis games and equipped with modern barriers, lighting, professional marking and special covering, which could become a skating-rink in winter seasons, has been built and donated to Taldykorgan Orphanage “Ainalaiyn”.
A similar sport complex has been built in Kyzylorda city for foster-children of the Boarding-School No 1. Besides, taking into account a great number of children living in the Boarding-School, an open asphalted and fully equipped playground has been additionally built for volleyball and basketball games.
In addition, realizing the importance of early attracting children to sport, the Saby Foundation has installed colorful and functional complexes of game facilities for small children in the Regional Orphanage No 1 (Baganashil) and in the Boarding-School No 1 (Kyzylorda).

Educational Project

The Educational Project of the Saby Charitable Foundation is being implemented in four stages including successive steps from overcoming of psychological traumas got by orphan children to vocational choice and a higher institution entrance through formation of the social world-view and identification of goals for the future.

Thus, pursuant to objectives of the first project stage and taking into account the urgency of the problem related to social integration of leavers of orphanages and boarding-schools and their adaptation to adult and responsible life, for the purpose of rendering assistance to specialists from children’s social institutions dealing with orphan children in the year 2009 the Foundation organized unique psychological trainings that have been conducted in Kazakhstan for the first time. O.N. Manolova being a famous specialist-psychologist, associate professor of the Russian State Service under the President of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Psychology Science was attracted for participation in such trainings. 25 employees from 9 orphanage and boarding-schools of different regions of Kazakhstan took participation in trainings.
Following the objectives of the second stage connected with preparation of children from social institutions for occupational choice the Foundation has carried out a number of measures including questioning of leavers, professional orientation seminars, choice of educational institutions and rules for entrance.
The third stage was aimed at attracting teenagers to social traditions and formation of social behavioral habits. For that end the Foundation has carried out an annual Graduation Ball for the best 55 leavers. That event was so impressive and memorable that many children had dreamed to get to the ball long before its holding. Therefore, in order to get an invitation they used their best efforts to be the best at study, sport, social life and art. Such efforts have been awarded: young men and girls were driven in snow-white limousines to a restaurant located in a beautiful district of Almaty city. During the whole evening they were entertained by famous TV presenters and singers, adults spoke parting words. The programme was full of surprises and fireworks.
The forth (main) stage of the project was aimed at provision of children, who had received educational grants from the Foundation, with an opportunity to choose professions, thereby releasing them from a necessity to study by an orphan’s quota, where a list of professions was limited and did not correspond to children’s wishes and abilities. For that end, this year the Foundation has financed tuition of 31 students, including orphans and children from poor families, in various educational institutions.

"Decent Life for Disabled Persons” Project

One of the most important projects of the Foundation is the “Decent Life for Disabled Persons” Project. At present, it is very difficult for a person using a wheelchair to be integrated into the society due to impossible free movement, even within the city, as well as because of some social matters without mentioning private matters.

For the purpose of solution of such a topical social problem the Saby Foundation has established successful cooperation with various organizations and associations of disabled persons. First of all, this year the Foundation has donated to Almaty City Association of Disabled Persons 19 Volkswagen automobiles equipped with special hydraulic lifts designed for lifting wheelchairs. With the aim to maintain and operate the fleet the Foundation has established the INVATAXI Rehabilitation Services Center. The Center will provide not only transportation of disabled persons of Almaty city but will also create work places for people with disabilities.
The second project stage – “Fight against Three Steps or Atyrau is a City Without Barriers!” aimed at organization in Atyrau of a special INVATAXI car fleet has been implemented by the Saby Foundation in collaboration with Mugedek Alemi Nongovernmental Organization. The organization has received from the Foundation 3 equipped automobiles.

Medical Project

The Saby Foundation is continuing the work under its Medical Project which stipulates provision of medical institutions with equipment and medicine, creation of appropriate conditions for patients treated in medical institutions, as well as rendering of medical aid in case of emergency.

In 2009 the Foundation started cooperation with Almaty City Clinical Hospital No 7. Thus, for the neuro-insult department of INSO-2 the Foundation acquired a modern portable electrocardiograph designed for carrying out of electrocardiographic examination directly beside the sickbed. Taking into consideration that seriously ill post-insult patients are non-transportable for a long time, such medical device is undoubtedly very important and necessary in modern diagnosis of cardiac pathology.
Moreover, being sure that implementation of modern technology in the direct care will allow medical personnel to improve proficiency and reduce the time required for organizational-methodic work and preparation of statistics and reports, the Saby Foundation has donated to the city hospital No 7 a new computer and printer combined with a copier and scanner, and has organized and paid for computer competence trainings for 12 nursing sisters.
Similar computer and office equipment has been installed in the surgery department of the Scientific Center of Pediatry and Pediatric Surgery for the purpose of organization of a medical on-line consulting service for parents living in remote regions of Kazakhstan and having no possibilities to bring their children to doctors in Almaty.
Furthermore, within the framework of the Medical Project the Foundation has rendered prompt targeted assistance to the following patients who were in need of urgent diagnosis and treatment in foreign hospitals:

Alena – medical examination in Israel (for the purpose of making a diagnosis)
Daniyar – medicinal treatment in Pakistan (after a kidney transplantation)
Meruert – medicinal treatment in Israel (aplastic anemia)
Sanzhar – medicinal treatment in Kyrgyzstan (ICP)

In addition, Nikita Bazolev sponsored by the Saby Foundation has been presented a new light and functional wheelchair instead of an old and heavy one.

Construction Activity

The Foundation is taking active participation in construction, repair and reconstruction of various social facilities.

Thus, the beginning of 2009 school year was marked with opening of a rebuilt canteen complex in Kyzylorda Orphanage, which was previously out of condition. The walls of the canteen have been painted manually by professional artists specially invited from Almaty, and the windows have been decorated by snow-white curtains. Furthermore, the Foundation has donated a full set of comfortable and modern furniture. The interior design has been developed thoroughly and bright summer landscape paintings revive spirits even in the most rainy days.
Taking into consideration special attentive attitude of the Foundation to small talented children and realizing the importance of creative and intellectual development of children the Foundation has made a decision to carry out a capital repair of Almaty Music School named after Mukan Tulebayev as a result of which children have gained an opportunity to create their works in comfortable and warm classrooms with level floors and walls ensuring noise insulation and with big light windows. That was a splendid present to children for the New Year.

Our Talents

In 2009 the Foundation renewed a slightly changed project “Our Talents”. Now the Foundation is searching for talented children throughout the country and assists them in developing their talents and skills. Children can be interested in many different things: from the figural and decorative art, dancing and music to sports achievements. Preference, for good reasons, is given to orphans and children from poor families. The main objective is not only to find out a talent child but also to render assistance in further development of its talent at a higher level through provision of an opportunity to study in specialized schools and studios and participate in contests and competitions.
During the accounting year the Foundation discovered the following talents:

Diloram, 15 years old, a multiple winner of republican competitions, Master of Sport in the sphere of karate-do (the Foundation paid for a trip to the international tournament in Morocco).
Daniyar, 16 years old, a mathematician, composer and poet (the Foundation paid for English courses for a boy, presented him a good laptop and renewed completely his wardrobe).
Bakhytzhan, 11 years old, a violoncellist and vocalist (the Foundation provided a young musician an opportunity to make professional records in a famous audio studio of Almaty city and presented him a lot of new clothes and shoes).

“Save the Children’s Life” SMS – Project

This year the Saby Charitable Foundation and Mercy Volunteer Society acting jointly with Beeline, K-Mobile and К-Сell companies have continued the unprecedented charitable SМS-action called “Save the Children’s Life that was started in 2007. Over the period the organizers have collected approximately 1,000,000 USD and many small children suffering from severe diseases have gained an opportunity to get medical aid in foreign hospitals. Many children’s lives have been saved due to contributions of organizers and other warm-hearted people of Kazakhstan.

Charitable Acts

Participation of the Foundation in improvement of living conditions of poor people is not limited to expensive and extensive projects. The Saby Foundation renders frequently one-time targeted assistance which may be not so expensive but which is always warm-hearted, sincere and kind:
Having received an invitation to celebration of Sundet-Toi held in “Zhanuya” specialized complex, employees of the Foundation congratulated boys and delivered them memorable gifts: wrist watches for elder boys and toys for small children.
Children from “Zhanuya” specialized complex being winners of the – 1st stage of the children’s creativity festival “Zhuldyzai” have been provided with railway tickets to the education-health center “Baldauren” (Borovoye) for participation in the 2nd stage of the competition.
A young family consisting of former fosterlings of “Zhanuya” specialized complex and paternalized by the Saby Foundation have received a new double bed с with sleeping gear, some medicine and warm clothes for winter. In addition, the Foundation has provided them with coal for heating their small house.
Nikita Bazolev and his grandmother, who was the only person fostering the boy suffering from ICP, have received from the Foundation a traditional food basket for several months and some pocket money.
The Children’s Regional Antituberculous Sanatorium “Chimbulak” has received from the a lot of toys and office supplies for children. Another necessary present has been made in the form of modern carpets for a repaired game room in one of the sanatorium departments.
A lot of various cuddlesome and development toys and games have been presented to small and elder children of the Orphanage “Ainalaiyn” (Taldykorgan), the Orphanage No 2 (Almaty) and the Regional Orphanage No 1 (Baganashil).
The City Children’s Library named after Begalin has received from the Saby Foundation some souvenirs for the purpose of creation of an original interior.
The Foundation has also transferred a used but well-operating computer to one of subdivisions of the city association of disabled persons.
In honor of celebration of Rizashylyk Day in the Orphanage No 2, Almaty, the Foundation has donated toys for children as well as two functional vacuum cleaners for creation of clean and comfortable atmosphere.
At the end of the expiring year the Saby Foundation established contacts with Karakastek Child Care Center located in Almaty region. We do hope that our new projects with the Center will become effective in 2010. Today, the Foundation has already rendered the following one-time assistance: infants have been provided with diapers for the whole winter period; cloth has been acquired for fabrication of curtains for all windows of the Center in order to create homely home for children; in addition, the Foundation has acquired two containers for solid domestic waste which were necessary for the Center.

Thus, all money received by the Saby Foundation in the form of sponsor assistance from benefactors has been spent for its intended purpose in accordance with the concept and the Charter of the Foundation.

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