Saby Charitable Foundation 2008

For the accounting period the Saby Charitable Foundation performed considerable work in various directions of activity.

“Decent Life for Disabled Persons” Project

This social-cultural project is one of the most important projects of the Foundation. It was started in Spring 2008 and it was nominally divided into several stages. The final objective of the project was organization of a car fleet containing special transport vehicles for disabled persons, including children that used wheelchairs.

The project has started from the “Art Nomad” Exhibition organized in June 2008 in Almaty by the Saby Foundation jointly with the Art Exhibitions Management Office. The goal was not only to show foreign guests the pictorial art of Kazakhstan and but, first of all, to attract attention of the society to problems of disabled persons. The Exhibition was visited by Chairman of Christie’s Auction House – lord David Linley and works of Kazakh artists were estimated highly by independent experts. All those facts, together with the organizers’ enthusiasm have promoted realization of the next (basic and the most significant) project stage – Charitable Auction in London.

The International Forum called “Convention of Disabled Persons’ Rights - a new stage of international activity in liquidation of all forms of discrimination in relation to people with disabilities" was held at the beginning of October, before commencement of the auction. Our Foundation has become a direct organizer of such event, at which participants from the CIS countries developed a plan of joint activities aimed at signing of the Convention and an optional protocol to the Convention by CIS countries, as well as at their ratification and further implementation of provision of the Convention in all spheres of life activities of disabled persons.

The middle of October was marked with holding of the Charitable Auction and Exhibition of Kazakh artists’ works in London which allowed us to collect money for acquisition of 20 specialized automobiles with different numbers of seats for a future car fleet for disabled persons.

The next stage - organization of a car fleet – was started after the Auction. By that time the Foundation had studied in details all proposals, decided on selection of necessary automobiles and made payment. According to the plan, INVATAXI cars will be received and officially delivered to disabled persons of the city at the end of the first quarter of the next year.

Implementation of such an important social project will give people with disabilities an opportunity to realize their rights on a par with ordinary citizens, as well as will improve their living conditions and ensure full social integration.

“Save the Children’s Life” SMS-Project

This year the Saby Charitable Foundation and Mercy Volunteer Society acting jointly with “KaR-Tel” and GSM Kazakhstan of Kazakhtelecom JSC companies representing such trade marks as Beeline, K-Mobile and К-Сell companies have continued the unprecedented charitable SМS-project called “Save the Children’s Life that was started in 2007.

Over the period the organizers have collected approximately 500,000 USD and many small children suffering from severe diseases have gained an opportunity to get medical aid in foreign hospitals. Many children’s lives have been saved due to contributions of organizers and other warm-hearted people of Kazakhstan.

“Healthy Childhood – Healthy Nation” Project

Another social project of the Saby Foundation started at the beginning of 2007 has become very useful and significant. Opening of a sport facility consisting of several sports areas in “Zhanuya” Specialized Complex conducted last year became a good basis for further promotion of such charitable act in other Orphanages of the city.

Having chosen a serious approach to solution of problems connected with cultural background of fosterlings, their orientation to a healthy life, a right approach to satisfaction of children’s sports aspiration and realization of their physical abilities, especially abilities of senior high school students, we have decided to continue installing of new sports complexes.

Thus, in June of the current year the Foundation built a sports complex in the Orphanage No 1. The complex included a mini-football field with special cover, basketball and volleyball courts as well as a tennis court. During the presentation of the complex children, from the smallest to elder ones, demonstrated their sportsmanship, abilities and skills, and all of them received presents – sportive clothes, sports equipment and toys.

A similar sports facility was put into operation in the Orphanage No 2 before commencement of autumn holidays. Children were very glad, the more so, because they received the biggest football field – they were winners of many city sports tournaments.

At the end of December the Foundation proceeded to reconstruction and capital repair of a gym hall of the Regional Orphanage No 1 (Baganashil). The work is being performed at full speed, and in the near future children will receive a newly constructed and equipped premise for taking sports exercises.

Today all children of child care institutions have an opportunity to improve their health, spend time in an interesting way, and show heir personal characteristics.

Physical culture of orphans is of great educational importance. There are many cases when such children do not know what to do and where to go in their free time, and they see a lot of examples of disorderly conduct and immorality. It is not a secret that the education process is at a low level and only a few leavers of orphan homes enter higher educational institutions. Sport not only helps children in solution of their problems but it is also a vital necessity.
We are proud of our decision to build sports complexes and gym halls for children as we solve thereby many problems of moral and social nature. Taking exercises in equipped gym halls makes children feel equal with other children, strengthens their healthful mind, and encourages them to achieve goals and to win. Children received good physical education will become healthy people and full members of the society.

“Donor’s Day” Project

In May of the current year the Saby Foundation jointly with the Charity “Bauyrzhan” were trying to solve one of the most topical problems of medicine in Kazakhstan, i.e. shortage of donated blood and its components for planned and immediate treatment of our citizens, including small children. By attracting famous actors and signer of Kazakhstan to the action we paid special attention to young citizens of our country. As a result, we not only collected plenty of blood and facilitated considerably the work of medical specialists of the city, but also gave young people an opportunity to perceive their social responsibility to the society.

Education Projects (adaptation and social integration of orphan home leavers)
Besides material aid and support of orphanages of the city the Foundation was dealing with problems of intellectual and moral development. For that end the Foundation organized meetings with jurists, psychologists, medical specialists and other narrowly focused specialists who had conducted discussions, lectures and questionnaire survey among children. One of the most serious and important directions of the Foundation’s activity has always been a choice of future vocation and social adaptation of adolescents.

In 2008 leavers of 4 orphanages, who had achieved good results in study, sports and behavior, took participation in the graduation ceremony organized by the Saby Charitable Foundation and the Charity Foundation “Bauyrzhan”. Entertainment stars, famous people of the city, competitions, dancing, and fireworks – all those aspects were amazing, but the most significant surprise of the event was an announcement that children would get an opportunity to study in prestigious colleges by chosen professions. The ceremony was bright and impressed greatly all the children. We hope that one day they will become worthy citizens of our country and will always remember that excellent ceremony.

Furthermore, the Foundation encouraged children’s aspiration to knowledge and paid education in colleges for 11 leavers.

Like in all previous year (the Foundation has financed education of nearly 20 fosterlings), during the accounting year three children from the Orphanage No 3 continued their education in colleges with a specialization in cooking and gastronomy.
The Saby Foundation pays special attention to talented children from vulnerable group: we support young artists and writers and place at our web0site the best works of children – compositions, poems, fairy tales and pictures.

The City Library named after S. Begalin remains one of our partners in the sphere of moral education of new generation from year to year. Our main purpose is to take joint participation in forming worthy personalities among modern generation. We conduct interesting joint measures such as theatrical presentations of fairytales by means of which children can find out about their authors, ask questions to them, become characters of such fairytales, and discover their talents. Upon completion of such measures we take pictures and give presents, first of all, a collection of fairytales with an author’s signature. We like visiting children’s holidays because girls and boys are talented and unselfconscious. 80 children were given excellent presents for good results and participation in various events, and 10 children of librarians were given vouchers to the best camp “Mountain Sun”.

During the accounting year we continued solving of some medical issues:
- we organized a master-class for neonatology physicians and doctors from obstetrical institutions of Almaty held by leading specialists from Russia;

- This year a consulting-methodic room for stoma patients has been established under the city polyclinic No 3 and equipped with special appliances and devices;

- At the beginning of the year the Foundation acquired a multifunctional ultrasonic scanner MyLab 50 manufactured by Esaote (Italy) and donated it to the cardiac surgery center of Taraz city.

During the accounting year we organized, supported and participated in many warm and interested events:
- First of all, it was a presentation of a completely reconstructed canteen in the Orphanage No 1 and a holiday dinner with various sweets for all children from sponsors, and numerous presents: new furniture, sports clothes and equipment, etc;

- We hope that children being under treatment in the Antituberculous Regional Sanatorium “Chimbulak” will remember festivals organized by the : bright New Year’s performance with participation of actors, games, presents, as well as the Children Protection Day when they sang, danced and received a lot of gifts, sets of clothes, shoes, toys and sweets;

- We took participation in celebration of the 80-year anniversary of “Zhanuya” Specialized Complex being the first and the biggest orphan home paternalized by the Foundation. None of children was left without attention and the most important persons of the ceremony were boys who had “become men” the day before, and the Kazakh tradition “sundet toi” continued the celebration. The boys received special gifts. The main idea is that we, employees of the Foundation, are participants and sponsors of almost all current holidays and significant events in this institution, and children have permanent and free contacts with us;

- We also paid attention to Nikita Bazolev suffering from ICP. The Foundation has supervised him for about 6 years. Now Nikita is nearly 18 years old and we provide him with wheelchairs, clothes, and try to support him and his grandmother by sending necessary food products;
- In autumn the Foundation rendered aid to a family from Almaty: their child of 4 years old suffered from a congenital heart disease and the Foundation paid for an operation that had been performed successfully in the Scientific Medical Center named after Bakulev (Moscow);

- We are trying to help a young family with a small child. They are former fosterlings of one of orphanages. They have material difficulties and problems connected with work and housing. We provided them with household necessaries, clothes for them and for their child;

- Top managers of the Saby Foundation are permanent guests in child care institutions of the city; they cooperate closely with all managers of paternalized orphanages, conduct meetings, questionnaire survey and discussions with children, especially with senior high school students, and are always ready to establish new contacts and relations;

- Over the current year we have prepared 1) a film about the Foundation’s activity performed for the charitable auction held in London, 2) colorful informative brochures with photos of children in ward in three languages and 3) a company calendar “Art Nomad” for 2009;

- During the accounting year the Foundation participated in numerous republican and municipal events held in Almaty, had meetings with representatives of administration, business, creative intelligentsia, etc.

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