Saby Charitable Foundation 2007

Over a period of almost six year the Saby Foundation has realized a lot of major social, medical and educational projects. The year 2007 was the most productive one.

At the beginning of the year we developed new projects, the basic direction of which was not any particular act but large-scale and purposeful activities. At that we, as always, were followed our basic principles:

- Health and physical development of children;
- Spirituality and accessibility of education.

During the accounting period we carried out successfully gradual realization of such projects with the assistance of our regular and new sponsors. When implementing our goals we did not depart from our principles: efficiency, concreteness and transparency of our activities.

Achievements of the Foundation for the accounting year have been appreciated by a reputable jury and expert commission as well as by organizers of “Altyn Zhurek”, the First Annual National Public Award in the sphere of charitable activity, who awarded the Foundation a golden statuette and diploma in the nomination “Help to Orphan Children”. The solemn awarding ceremony was held in the Kazakh State Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abai.

On February 15, 2007 the Saby Charitable Foundation and Mercy Volunteer Society acting jointly with Kazkhtelecom, "К-Сell", "KaR-Tel" companies representing such trade marks as Beeline and K-Mobile started the 1st unprecedented charitable SМS-Project called “Save the Children’s Life”. The purpose of the project was to render assistance to children suffering from severe diseases, which were not cured in our country, in improving health in foreign hospitals.

All money collected has been transferred to a special account and ill children have received high quality and expensive medical treatment in the best foreign hospitals.

Below is given a report on the s transferred for treatment of children from the action date till the present date:

1. Nastya Zavidova 1999 year of birth: 5,000 USD – April 5, 2007 (aplastic anemia). Immunodepression operation.
2. Roman Karnaukhov 1999 year of birth: 5,000 USD – April 5, 2007 (aplastic anemia). Immunodepression operation.
3. Daniel Fedyayev 1999 year of birth: 73,100 Ruble (3,050 USD) – April 5, 2007 (cheloid scar). Surgical d-bridement of scar tissues, dermatoplasty.
4. Murat Baidauletov 1990 year of birth: 48,000 Ruble (2,000 USD) – April 6, 2007 (laryngostenosis).
5. Dana Sharipzhan 2006 year of birth: 24,900 USD – March 28, 2007 (hardness of hearing). Implantation of a cochlear implant.
6. Alua Beisengaizina 2005 year of birth: 24,900 USD – June 18, 2007 (hardness of hearing). Implantation of a cochlear implant.
7. Vasilissa Vakhtomina 1996 year of birth: 17,520 USD – May 15, 2007. (nephatony). Kidney transplantation operation.
8. Artem Vaschenikin 2005 year of birth: 126,286 Ruble (5,300 USD) - July 3, 2007 (cardiac anomaly). Operation for Fallot's tetrad correction.
9. Yuliana Omelchenko 2004 year of birth: 146,600 Ruble (6,110 USD) – July 11, 2007 (cardiac anomaly). Operation for ventricular septal defect correction.
10. Yuliana Omelchenko 2004 year of birth: 269,900 Ruble (11,250 USD) – September 13, 2007 (cardiac anomaly).
11. Nastya Zavidova 10,000 USD - October 10, 2007 (aplastic anemia).
12. Murat Baidauletov 1990 year of birth: 32,000 Ruble (1,340 USD) – October 31, 2007 (laryngostenosis). Laryngoplasty operation.
13. Roman Karnaukhov 1999 year of birth: 45,000 USD - December 28, 2007 (aplastic anemia). Continuation of treatment– the second immunodepression operation.

The total transferred amount – 161,370 USD; balance as of January 1, 2008 – 40,000 USD. Next year the organizers and participations of the action are going to continue the project.

“Babyhood” Charitable Project

In 2007, within the framework of the “Babyhood” Project the Saby Charitable Foundation took patronage over the smallest citizens of the city – children from an Orphanage No 3 in which 120 orphan children were living. We considered that defenseless and homeless children at the age of 10 days - 4-5 years suffering from severe diseases were the most helpless.

The following goods have been acquired for the Orphanage:
- tables and chairs, infant sofas;
- 30 new playpens and mattresses;
- colorful folders, various games and toys developing movements;
- diapers, clothes, etc.
By implementing the project we have tried to improve living conditions of our small citizens.

Republican Scientific Center of Pediatry and Pediatric Surgery

During the accounting year we continued rendering assistance to children being treated in selective infant and pediatric surgery departments of the Scientific Center of Pediatry and Pediatric Surgery of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The following goods have been acquired for the purpose of equipment of the surgery block and departments:
- 2 high-frequency electric scalpels-coagulators (Germany);
- medical beds for examination of patients, beds, mattresses and refrigerator for food products.

We hope that use of new equipment in the treatment process will provide an opportunity to increase quality of special medical care and reduce child mortality indexes in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Children’s city clinical hospital No 2

It is a medical institution designed for 365 seats. Today it is an exclusive multi-field somatic hospital that renders services to children of Almaty city.

The following things and actions have been acquired and performed for the hospital:

- appliance (Germany) for plasmapheresis;
- capital repair of premises of two game rooms of endocrinology and hematology departments and of one education-information room for the purpose of adaptation of children suffering from diabetes;
- replacement of old windows with plastic ones;
- installation of new curtain holders and shutters for 40 windows in endocrinology and hematology departments;
- acquisition of boxes, cushioned furniture, tables, chairs, TV sets and carpets for game rooms;
- equipment of a class room with new desks and cabinet furniture;
- beautiful pictures, calendars, various toys and games for children under medical treatment.

“Confidence in Professionals” Project

Within the framework of the project our has organized and completely financed participation of a team of neonatology physicians (11 people) from various children’s hospitals and maternity clinics of Almaty in the seminar “Treasure Island – 2007” held in Yekaterinburg (Russia) and dedicated to topical problems of neonatology and new technology, prevention and treatment of diseases typical for a neonatal period. Organizers have been represented by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg Medical Academy with participation of the medical education programme IPOKRaTES.

The Foundation has paid the following expenses for neonatology physicians: travel, training (as a result of which our specialists have received certificates), accommodation and meal for a period of 11 days as well as personal expenses of participants.

Similar training including those with participation of leading scientists of the world will increase proficiency of our specialists and will allow implementing new technology in obstetrical institutions, improve quality of treatment of newborn babies and the general prognosis of our children’s lives.

The Foundation has financed participation of pediatric surgeons in scientific and practical conferences (USA, Slovakia and Czech Republic) having paid their travel expenses.

“Healthy Children are the Future of Kazakhstan” Project

One of the most priority directions of the Foundation’s activity is physical education of a new generation. Thus, the Foundation has started a new project called “Healthy Children are the Future of Kazakhstan” under which by the International Children’s Day the Foundation has constructed and delivered a sports complex in “Zhanuya” Specialized Complex meeting all up-to-date requirements and including:

- mini-football field;
- basketball court;
- volleyball court;
- table-tennis court;
as well as necessary equipment and inventory:

- football, basketball and volleyball canvas;
- balls and pumps, badminton;
- prize cup and prize medals;
- tents and chairs for sport fans;
- children’s inflatable swimming-pools for water quenching of orphans of “Zhanuya” complex.

On the date of presentation there was a warm-up match between a juvenile team and a team of children from “Zhanuya” complex. Of course, the friendship won! Children demonstrated to guests and sponsors their sportsmanship, various awards, cups and diplomas received in various competitions. Young sportsmen received a TV set and sets of imaginative literature. There was a lot of ice-cream and unforgettable firework in the evening. It was a great day for all participants.

Sponsors stay in touch with children, invite them to various sports events. Thus, young sportsmen from “Zhanuya” complex visited the central stadium of Almaty city in September and watched the cup game between “Megasport” and “Ekibastuzec” teams. Upon completion of the game children received sports attributes and magazines.

Organization of worthy leisure time for orphans is a promotion of a healthy life style and provision of an additional opportunity to find the best way and make a right choice in their lives.

Education project for orphan home leavers

As of today, one of the most important problems for our society is social adaptation of young people leaving orphanages and other specialized social institutions. The Foundation has always rendered assistance, as much as possible, to such peoples and the year 2007 has not been exclusion.
The Saby Charitable Foundation has paid for education in colleges and vocational schools of the city for:

- 4 children with a specialization in “Gastrologist”;
- 4 children with a specialization in “Gardener” and “Shoe Manufacturer”;

All children have left a Specialized Complex “Zhanuya”.

We are not limited to vocational education. It has become a tradition to conduct cultural events, disputes and discussions with children, thematic meetings, meetings with professional medical specialists, psychologists and volunteer students. This year we have organized a meeting with an experienced psychologist during which senior students could discuss actual problems of young people.

A multimedia projector was granted to elder pupils for educational purposes.
In addition, a current repair (whitewashing) was carried out in the canteen).

Children’s antituberculous sanatorium “Chimbulak”

During the accounting year employees of the Saby Foundation made a decision to direct the Foundation’s activity to solution of the most topical social problem – tuberculosis. One of the purposes of the project was to improve conditions of children staying in the regional antituberculous sanatorium, and to arrange interesting leisure time for them.

For that end the Foundation has performed considerable work:

- capital repair of a physical therapy room, dental room, room for medical procedures with the total area of 84 m2; replacement of old windows with new plastic ones; acquisition of shutters for all windows.

Rooms have been equipped completely with:

- dental chair, medical beds, massage table, benches;
- electric massager, UHF device, “Vulcan” inhalator, “Biaptron” device, “Potok” device;
- Race track, wall mounted ladder, gym mats and broom handles, set of barbells, metallic hoops, "GymFlextors", feet boards, ropes for children, balls, jump ropes, fitness cycles, basketball ring, badminton sets, “Darts” games.

The Foundation has also paid attention to game and class rooms and acquired new furniture and many other useful things, in particular:

- 2 sets of cabinet furniture for the game rooms
- tables, chairs, desks, boxes;
- TV set and pedestals, video and DVD-payer;
- 2 sets of cushioned furniture and carpets.

The Foundation has presented T-shirts, baseball caps and plenty of toys. Of course, we held an official opening of the sanatorium. Many kind and warm words were spoken to the Foundation by children and employees of the sanatorium.

Children’s city clinical hospital No 1

Over a period of a few years we have been controlling the children’s city hospital No 1. It is the largest children’s hospital in our city servicing over 60,000 children every year. This year we have arranged 2 game rooms in the hospital and donated the following goods:

- cabinet furniture: boards, tables, drawer pedestals;
- cushioned furniture: chairs, sofas;
- TV sets and carpets;
- shutters for 4 windows;
- table games and toys.

Halls and foyers of the hospital were decorated with paintings presented by adult and young artists from the Art Studio of the Children’s Republican Library, as well as with colorful calendars produced by the . Presentation of new game rooms was held simultaneously with celebration of the International Nurses’ Day. The Foundation donated vouchers to the campus “Mountain Sun” to the best nurses of the hospital for their children.

Gift to a cardiac surgery center of Taraz city

Health of our children is the most topical problem of the modern Kazakhstan society. The Saby Foundation, whose one of the most important directions is children’s healthcare, encourages always all progressive undertakings contributing to improvement of pediatric services. This year the Foundation has donated to a newly opened cardiac surgery center of Taraz city a multifunctional ultrasonic scanner MyLab 50 manufactured by Esaote (Italy) and equipped with a special sensor for infants. The widest range of programmes of the appliance makes it an invaluable device in all spheres of ultrasonic diagnosis which allows specialists to increase considerably quality of examination as well as detect and treat cardiac diseases at earlier stages.

Room for stoma patients

Over a period of two years we have been planning to establish a service for rendering medical assistance to stoma patients, both adults and children.

For that end in 2007 the City Healthcare Department provided a room in the hospital No 3. The Foundation repaired and equipped the room in full. So, now we have the first specialized room in Kazakhstan and in the Central Asia in which medical and psychological assistance will be rendered to stoma patients as is done in many other countries of the world.

Besides the repair the Foundation has performed the following work in the room:

- old plumbing equipment and wooden windows have been replaced with new plastic ones; windows have been equipped with shutters;

For convenience of statistical recording of stoma patients the Foundation has provided necessary office appliances: computer, monitor, printer and laptop.
The room has been specially equipped with cabinet and medical furniture for reception of patients:

- doctor’s table and chair, board for medical documentation, chairs for a nurse and patients, mirror, coat hangers;
- medical beds, table for medical procedures;

Specialists have prepared:

- Informative literature, brochures, colostomy bags and other sanitary materials.
Office supplies and accessories for premises cleaning have been acquired.

In the nearest future we are going to open the first room for rendering medical assistance to stoma patients; general public and all patients will be informed about such room. We hope that this new type of medical services will facilitate considerably psychological and social situations of stoma patients.

Children Republican Library named after Begalin

Within the framework of realization of projects aimed at increasing spirituality among our young citizens in the year 2007 the Foundation continued developing its cooperation with the Children’s Republican Library.

Together with talented children from the Children’s artistic studio functioning within the Library the Foundation issued colorful flip calendars of two types for 2007 the main subject of which was "Almaty – our favorite city, through the eyes of children". Those calendars and a number of pictures produced by young artists have been put up on the walls of our paternalized child care centers with the aim to create favourable psychological environment.

A unique project called "Old Wives' Tales" was also started in 2007. The main objective of the project was implanting love for native language, history and traditions.

Considering difficult material standing of librarians, the Foundation has donated vouchers to the children's campus “Mountain Sun” to the best employees’ children.

Our Foundation has become one of initiators who recommended the chief of a library Sophia Kumarovna Rayeva, a single-hearted woman, for a public award "People’s Hero".

In 2008 the Foundation acting jointly with the library continued taking participation in publication of the annual Children Almanac "A line connecting times", the work on which started in the accounting year. The Foundation has undertaken to finance the publication, and it believes that such publications will promote further development of children creativity.

The Foundation works hard on improvement of its programmes and projects.

During the whole year we have had meetings with our sponsors and colleagues, executive officers and collectives of our paternalized and new child-care institutions of the city and of the whole region. In order to improve our activity employees of the Saby Foundation develop contacts with potential charity organizations, have close relations with doctors, teachers and scientists. We constantly learn, study experience of work of foreign charitable organizations, and we have respectful attitude to any and all kind undertakings. We are always open for progressive public and volunteers. All such activities contribute to some extent to work improvement and bring new ideas to our business.

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