Work on Organization of Pediatric Surgery Unit

Activities on the organization of the Surgical Emergency Unit at the premises of Children’s Municipal Clinical Hospital No.2 are in full swing. The preparatory and demolition works have been completed, the walls and partitions have been installed, concrete operations have been finished, and electrical networks, heating and air-conditioning systems have been laid. Currently, pipes for supplying medicinal gases are being installed. Soon we will commence installing galvanized steel wall panels that facilitate cleanliness of premises.

In addition to the construction activities, Saby Foundation is raising extra funds necessary for purchasing the latest laparoscopic equipment, which will allow the surgical team of the newly-formed Unit to perform not only conventional surgical procedures, but also minimally invasive interventions to ensure quick healing and rehabilitation for young patients.

The existing Pediatric Surgery Unit has a hard time dealing with the increased stream of pediatric patients who need urgent medical aid. The new high-tech Surgery Unit will be able to provide them with timely and high-quality treatment.

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