Professional Testing: The First Step to Specialty

Professional Testing: The First Step to Specialty Recently the second (February) professional orientation testing stage for 9- and 11-form pupils from Saby Foundation’s fosterlings – Almaty Orphanages #1 and #2 and Almaty Province Regional Orphanage, has finished 57 persons participated in it.

A right choice of profession is the main task of a teenager preparing to an independent life. However for the present moment it turns out to be not so easy.
Besides visits to numerous "open day" colleges and higher education institutions convincing that the specialties they offer are a guarantee of social welfare, a “contribution” is also made by obtrusive TV advertising assuring that work in a nice bright office at a computer means success and therefore prosperity. Such type of activities is associated by future alumni first of all with professions of lawyer, manager, economist and financier.

But as proved by vast experience of the Foundation’s employees, very often children do not suppose that, firstly, professional market is overwhelmed with unclaimed specialists and, secondly, employers hardly engage ex orphanage fosterlings for such work, mainly because of being afraid of their insufficient financial and legal responsibilities.

Testing by the ProfOrientator Program first of all helps young people to determine peculiarities of character, temper, inclinations and certainly knowledge corresponding to the requirements and qualities which are necessary for work performance within the frame of definite specialties. This, according to psychologists, is a passport to success in future profession.

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