Project 'School-gymnasium No. 174. Coaching'

In 2017, the Saby Foundation completed the construction and commissioned the building of Comprehensive School-Gymnasium №174 in Nauryzbai district of Almaty. For the time being, this is the only example in the country, when a facility of such a scale (12,000 sq.m, 1,200 students, 3 ha of territory) was constructed for private funds and was made a donation to the city of Almaty free of charge.

One could think that a great deal has been accomplished, one can be proud and 'rest on one's laurels.' But this is not the case with the Saby Foundation. We provided children from a remote city district with possibility of studying in the new, modern, convenient building equipped in the advanced style. But this is only the beginning.

Our next task is to raise the students’ knowledge level, to ensure conditions for their personal development, development of their creative abilities and leadership qualities.

With this objective in view, the Saby Foundation launched a set of developing projects aimed at innovative development of school-No.174 comprehensive educational system, which include:

- professional testing of senior students

- getting the school graduates ready for entrance exams to higher educational institutions and receiving educational grants

- training students in robotics and programming

- language courses

- involvement in eco-movement

- management and development of self-government system and leadership

- other

These actions are expected to raise School-Gymnasium No. 174 rating among other schools and enhance competitiveness of its students. Getting education is a very responsible stage in a child's advancement to adult life. Much depends on the quality of an educational institution.

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Проект «Школа-гимназия №174. Коучинг»