Practical exercises on employment have been conducted for fosterlings of orphanages in one of the biggest shops of household appliances

Reinforcement of theoretical learning in practice is a necessary condition for success in any business. For the purpose of getting practical skills on employment we have organized an excursion for fosterlings of orphanages attending at our trainings for psychological correction and social adaptation to one of network hypermarkets of Almaty city specialized in sale of household appliances and electronics.

Young girls and boys got familiar to director and employees of the shop. Children found out about main principles o work of trade enterprises, assortment of goods, rules of conduct of selling assistants, tactics of communication with clients and other details in the sphere of sales. Director promised that if the children would wish to work as salesmen, he would certainly hire them as probationary employees, and gave them instructions how to draw up a curriculum vitae and conduct themselves during interviews. Children were impressed when they found out that there was a possibility to combine the work and study – management of the shop encouraged people striving for getting education.

One of employees of the hypermarket was a former graduate of an orphanage. He told children about himself, his work in the company where he had been working for many years, and shared his impressions and experience.
Young boys and girls were able to apply new knowledge right there, in the course of a role-playing game organized by a coach-psychologist where children acted as salesmen. At the end of the day they received small presents from the shop – branded notepads, pens and business cards.

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