Assistance for schoolchildren from Besagash village

At the beginning of the year, the Saby Foundation received a letter from secondary school No. 29 of Besagash  village with a request for financial support. The social pedagogue of the educational institution requested assistance in purchasing outerwear for thirteen children with special needs and ten children from single-parent families. These children were direly in need of warm clothes and shoes, which parents and relatives simply could not buy.

We, in our turn, asked for sponsorship of the ten largest enterprises in Kazakhstan. Representatives of the PR-services of the Raimbek Group and Hyundai Premium Almaty companies kindly responded to our request. The total amount of financial assistance provided by these companies amounted to 690,000 tenges. A social teacher together with the parents of the children purchased sets of high-quality warm outerwear and shoes for this amount.

We heartily thank the management and the staff of both companies for the high trust of our Foundation, and concerned attitude to the problems of the most vulnerable part of our society. We sincerely hope that other organizations of our city will follow this beautiful example. Together we can change the lives of many people for the better.

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