Gifts for mothers from "SOS Children's Villages of Kazakhstan"

One of the permanent beneficiaries of the Saby Foundation is the SOS Children's Villages of Kazakhstan corporate foundation.

Since 2019, we have committed ourselves to the renovation of all houses in the Children's Village of Almaty. To date, major repairs have been made in 11 out of 12 cottages. In addition, all houses are fully equipped with new household appliances and furniture.

Recently, on the International Mother's Day, we funded the purchase of care and cosmetic kits for caregivers working in SOS children's villages in Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Temirtau.

Pleasant gifts were received by 43 mothers who provide full-fledged care and upbringing of children left without parental care.

Congratulations to all women on the holiday and thank you for your invaluable work.


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