Our Sincere Gratitude to All!

Our Sincere Gratitude to All! Charity, notwithstanding the fact that this word brought discredit upon itself and is not always in the confidence of people, as an act continues to be the perfect demonstration of best human qualities in its absolute sense – ‘do benefit, do good’.

People rendering assistance to people, who need it more than ever, who are in more difficult situations than they are, inalterably inspire a great respect. We, the employees of the charitable foundation, are filled with admiration for our philanthropists’ unselfishness and generosity.

Especially, we want to mention about those, who entrust us their money means, even being unfamiliar with us and not knowing how their money will be spent. They just believe that we will not trick them and will find a use for all benefactions. It is referred to the philanthropists who make transfers on the account of Saby Foundation through QIWI payment terminals.

Regularly, receiving reconciliations about cash receipts, for each number, even small, but valuable, we try to imagine a person, who made his/her payment through a payment terminal, notwithstanding the endless daily fuss, and did not forget about someone else who really needed help. Who are you, our friends, what people are you, what are your professions, what are your age? Unfortunately, we cannot thank you all personally.

We thank you all GREATLY here, on the pages of our web site!
Let all your plans and dreams come true, we wish health you and your friends! Mind that a generous man will prosper!

Sincerely yours,
Saby Charitable Foundation.

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