Charity that All Can Afford

Charity that All Can Afford Any good deed that you do with all heart and soul brings you a feeling of pleasure and joy. Thus, you let something light and good enter your heart.

Today, thanks to the payment system “QiWI”, the charging of a kind donation takes no more than 2-3 minutes. The instant payment terminal, through which you can make a donation, has become a convenient alternative to time-sapping banking procedures for the transfer of money to the Fund.

In order to carry out a charitable contribution, it is enough to stop at any “QIWI” payment terminal and deposit the account, for which you should choose “Other Services” in the terminal interface, then click “Charity”, choose a fund and make a donation.

We appreciate every tenge!

By Rendering of Assistance – You Enlighten Your…

John Rockefeller, the richest person in the world, said: “Help people not for the remuneration in money but in all honesty. Give 10% of your profit for charitable purposes”. Life is a boomerang, what you give the same…

With thanks, your Saby Fund

Peer at figures of daily report on receipts to current account of donations from benefactors, we begin to think constantly that one man allowed time in his undoubtedly tight schedule, came to bank or QIWI payment terminal and…

Our Sincere Gratitude to All!

Charity, notwithstanding the fact that this word brought discredit upon itself and is not always in the confidence of people, as an act continues to be the perfect demonstration of best human qualities in its absolute sense –…