About the contest "Build your own business"

It's amazing how within 5 years a small competition of start-ups, in fact, an experiment, has grown into a large-scale republican project to support young entrepreneurs! More than 40 participants received gratuitous financial grants for total amount of more than $ 1 million and realized their business ideas.

There is an opinion that gratuitous grants - this is not right and greatly relaxes entrepreneurs. Maybe. But, considering how young is, by the time of its existence in our country, a community of people who start themselves in business (after all, it is just over 20 years!), as well as a huge competition, for many people it becomes unreal to survive and open their business. In these conditions, our competition, in some sense, is a social elevator, which has become a rare phenomenon in our time.                               

Over the years, dealing with a large number of contestants, I noticed an important detail: there are global changes in the collective consciousness of many people, the narrative that the favorite business does not earn much money, is not actual anymore. Belief in the success of your idea, your business, projects, whose goal is not only a local market, big plans - this is the general mood of a new generation of entrepreneurs. This forms the cult of personal success of each.

The future of business is for collective projects that can meet the broad needs of different sectors of society and economic entities, and in which everyone will synergistically receive their profits. Therefore, our competition is not limited to the IT-industry. We develop production and agricultural projects, environmental, medical and educational, projects in the field of services and education.

I would especially like to note the active participation in our competition of the people with disabilities.
Perseverance, love of life, despite the sentences of doctors, the desire to realize themselves, to earn, to benefit society cause great respect to them.

For me personally, the contest opens a world of bright and unusual ideas, interesting personalities.
Absolutely clearly monitored, on the one hand, the needs of society, and on the other - the obvious gaps in the system that young entrepreneurs are trying to fill with their projects.

I am convinced that any help should meet the spirit of the times and find the right addressee - for this purpose, such contests are created. And the very fact of donating money to strangers means a high degree of trust in them and a belief in the prospects of their projects or business ideas. And here only one request to the contestants - do not disappoint us and do not abuse our trust!

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