News of the contest "Build your own business"

We are always very happy about the success of the participants in the "Build Your Own Business" competition, as this is an indicator of our correct choice of the most worthy among hundreds of applicants.

A good example is Gulnur Kutybayeva, one of the winners of our competition, with her Nurlab project. We visited the opening of a multifunctional laboratory in Almaty, which Gulnur dreamed about and the project of which she defended before the members of the commission last year. The laboratory is equipped with modern high-tech equipment and performs the widest range of research.

With a $50 000 grant, an automated bacteriological analyzer was purchased to identify more than 450 types of microorganisms and perform 30 analyzes at a time. The device ensures high efficiency of the laboratory, reduces the time for manual manipulations, speeds up the procedure for issuing research results, and is also compatible with the LIS program, which eliminates manual data entry.

We congratulate Gulnur and wish prosperity to her business.

The Build Your Own Business contest has a special status among the charitable programs of the Saby Foundation. In the 8 years since its launch, the Foundation has supported 71 business projects, financing them for a total of $1 910 000. Thanks to this, a whole layer of young Kazakh entrepreneurs appeared and firmly stood on their feet.

The strong reputation and high recognition of the competition made participation in it prestigious. In order to legally secure the high status of our project, we officially registered the trademark "Build Your Own Business" and protected the concept of the competition with copyright. For start-up businessmen, winning a business competition is of great importance for the formation of an image and marketing strategy.

Follow our news, in autumn we will announce the start of the next competition to support young Kazakhstani entrepreneurs. Don't miss your chance to win a free grant up to $100 000!


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