“Invataxi” seminar has been held in Almaty

“Invataxi” seminar has been held in Almaty A seminar organized by the Almaty City Association of Disabled Persons has been held in the Alatau Therapeutic Recreation Complex, Almaty, as part of the social project "Decent Life for Disabled Persons”, the purpose of which was to develop a single system in Kazakhstan – “Invataxi” in the sphere of rendering transportation services for people with disabilities.

Opening of the seminar was held on April 18. The welcoming speech was made by a representative of the “Saby” Foundation that had developed the project "Decent Life for Disabled Persons”, within the framework of which 41 specially-equipped vehicles were purchased and donated to the 14 regions of the country to transport wheelchair users. Sets of computer equipment were presented to all participants on behalf of the Foundation in order to improve the work of dispatching services, as well as to unify reporting on the operation of vehicles. In turn, public associations of disabled persons of Kazakhstan expressed their gratitude to the "Saby" Foundation and exchanged reports on the status of development and activity of “Invataxi” services in regions.

On April 19, a working day of the seminar, the following matters were discussed: common rules and technical specifications for carriage of disabled persons, special programs and recommendations for the work of “Invataxi” services. All participants received appropriate manuals and were trained to use a new computer program for dispatching services.

The “Saby” Charitable Foundation believes that this project will promote equal opportunities for people who use wheelchairs as well as for other categories of disabled persons who have difficulties in walking.

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