Invataxi – Life without Obstacles

Invataxi – Life without Obstacles On Saturday, September 28, the transfer of 10 new Volkswagen cars, as the gift for society of disabled people from 5 cities of Kazakhstan, was held by Saby Charitable Foundation. In such a way, free Invataxi transport services for physically challenged people are functioned in 20 cities of our country already, practically everywhere. The number of special cars, purchased and gifted to all regions by the Foundation, equipped with hydraulic lifting machines for wheelchairs, has achieved 62.

Thanks to Invataxi thousand of people with special needs in different regions of our country can feel the freedom of movement. Now it is sufficient to dial the number of the service in your city and a car will be arrive at the appointed hour to get a passenger in wheelchair to a required place, whether it is an educational institution or work, medical institution or a rehabilitation center, tax administration or Akimat. And if a person lives the first floor above, he/she will be moved down on a special portable ladder lifting machine, which Invataxi cars are equipped with. And it is absolutely free!

Saby Foundation has spent on the realization of this grand project 400, 000, 000 KZT.

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