In the Struggle for Grants

In the Struggle for Grants In advance of the autumn we start the regular calculation of our “chickens” – potential and new participants of the “Educational “ and “Alem” Projects, who became the possessors of grants from Saby Foundation for the education in higher and secondary educational institutions. Though the season of entrances to universities and colleges is still in full, some results can be presented already now.

It has become obvious once again, that preparatory courses of CNT (common national testing), organized by our Foundation every year from September till May for children from boarding schools of Almaty, showed good results. More than half of school leavers, attending lessons in 2012-2013, received either state educational grants or grants from Akim. We are, certainly, glad at both these school leavers’ personal successes and the fact that we can, thanks to the saved money, pay for the education of other children, who were not so lucky with state grants, but showed their best qualities and proved their perspective.

There is some information on the Alem Program. During the year we accepted the application forms from the school leavers who dream to become Alem Participants and to get financial assistance from Saby Foundation in acquisition of higher education in the most prestigious universities of Kazakhstan and the world. The young people were to face a serious selection and not all could pass it. Therefore the winners became the possessors of grants from Saby and currently they started their entrance to chosen universities. There are some persons among them, who won state educational grants parallely. We support the happiest and most talented persons and give them the right of choice. Some of them prefer state guarantees and grants, others choose prestige value and uniqueness, and they choose grants of Saby Foundation.

The hot weeks of entrances are still in future. In September we can count our students and summarize the results of their important struggle for their future.

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