Results of the 11th Contest of Poets ⠀

We are honoured to inform you about the results of the Annual Contest of Poets organized by the Saby Charitable Foundation.

All contest applications were considered by our permanent literary specialist, poet, writer, translator, journalist, member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, Mr. Baibota KOSHYM-NOGAY.

The results of this creative contest determined that the only winner was a student of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, a native of the town of Uralsk – Mr. Altynbek MERSADYK.

Our expert noted that Altynbek’s speech flows smoothly. He perfectly knows what poetry is, and he was far ahead of other contestants. He does not only rhyme, but he manages to combine words so sharply and create vivid images. “I appreciate his aspiration to comprehend sophisticated poetry, without simplifying the task. This is what differs Altynbek from other poets.”. The young poet speaks about himself: “I rarely write poetry. It is not an occupation for me, I only turn to it to get distracted from my thoughts, my sadness. It is my loyal friend, so to speak!”

Thus, the main prize, a laptop, goes to Altynbek MERSADYK.

Our expert would also like to note one more promising poet, a student of Shakarim Semey State University, Mr. Azamat SERIKULY, for his bold experiments with language and fluent syllabism. He possesses lots of advantages. Of course, there are minor flaws which can be corrected over time, but he really wants to write poetry as a professional, although he feels he is not mature enough for that yet, but he obviously has a great potential.

We wholeheartedly wish Azamat to follow his path and make a success!

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